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successfully tries out his own haggling skills in ajunkshop. The end­
ing left me uneasy.
G r o n e r , J u d y e
W i k l e r , M a d e l i n e .
The Purim parade; Myfirst Seder;
Let’s build a sukkah;
all three illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn.
M D .
Kar-Ben Copies, 1986. unp. board bks. (2-4)
Three lovely books for babes. The first shows children creating
their own costumes for the Purim parade; the second, the sequence
of the seder; and the third, the building of a sukkah.
H a r v e y , B r e t t .
Immigrant girl; Becky of Eldridge street.
Illus. by Deborah
Kogan Ray. New York, Holiday House, 1987. unp. (6-9)
A fictionalized portrait ofJewish family life on the Lower east Side
at the turn-of-the-century reads like a child’s version of Howe’s
World of Our Fathers.
Ray’s lovely, misty pencil sketches are derived
from archival photographs; very nostalgic.
* H i r s h , M a r i l y n
.Joseph who loved the Sabbath.
Illus. by Devis Grebu. New
York, Viking, 1986. 32 p. (4-8)
Joseph, who works hard all week for a greedy master and who
goes without during the week in order to afford good food and wine
to celebrate the Sabbath, inherits his master’s riches through a
stronge twist o f fate. Unique, stylized illustrations in a Middle East­
ern milieu.
* H o g r o g i a n , N o n n y .
Noah’s ark.
b y
the author. New York, Knopf,
1986. unp. (3-8)
Delicately drawn in pastels, the wicked world of Noah’s time is
clearly shown before the flood. Biblical text is arranged as poetry.
* H u t t o n , W a r w i c k .
Moses in the bulrushes.
Retold and illus. by the
author. New York, Atheneum, 1986. 32 p. (4-8)
Using few words, and broad pale sweeps of color, Hutton stays
faithful to the biblical account, while imparting much emotion to his
K a lm a n , B o b b i e .
We celebrate Hanukkah.
Written by Susan Hughes. Illus.
by Cecilia Ohm-Ericksen, and others. (The Holidays and Festivals
Series) New York, Crabtree Publishing, 1986. 58 p. (6-10)
One of a series of general holiday books for children, reading
level grades 2-3. It tells the story of Hanukkah, and includes mid­
rash, songs, stories, activities, and a discussion on peace and the
respecting of differences. Many full-color illustrations by artists of
varying abilities, but nicely done. Index.
K enda ll, Jona th an
My name is Rachamim.
Illus. by Alemu Eshetie.
New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congregations,
1987. (7-10)
This is the second children’s book about Ethiopian Jews (Arlene
Falasha no more
deals with their acclimation to Israeli life.)
Kendall presents a young boy’s memoir o f his village’s Jewish life,