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the great drought, the exodus, and eventual evacuation “home.”
That the artist is a young Ethiopian Jew adds credence to the text.
K u s h n e r , D o n n .
UncleJacob's ghost story.
New York, Holt, Rinehart/now
Henry Holt, 1986. 132 p. (11 up)
Paul always wanted to know the truth about Uncle Jacob, the fami­
ly’s black sheep. When his grandfather’s friend finally reveals the
story, it is still puzzling — unless you believe in ghosts.
♦ L a s k y , K a t h r y n .
New York, Four Winds Press, 1986. 221 p.
(12 up)
What it is like to be Jewish and liberal in a mostly Christian con­
servative private school. Fine characterizations o f a certain type of
Jewish family, by a talented author.
L e p o n , S h o s h a n a .
The ten tests ofAbraham.
Illus. by Siegmund Forst. New
York, Judaica Press, 1986. (4-8)
The ten trials are explained in rhyme and illustrated. Questions
and topics for discussion follow.
Levinson, Nancy Smiler.
lift my lamp: Emma Lazarus and the Statue of
New York, Lodestar/Dutton, Jewish Biography Series,
Cleverly interweaves Emma Lazarus’life and burgeoning sense o f
Jewish identity, with the construction of the Statue o f Liberty and its
meaning to the suffering Jews o f Eastern Europe.
L e v i n s o n , R ik i
Illus. by Helen Cogancherry. New
York. Macmillan/Bradbury, 1987. 89 p. (7-10)
Jennie is the younger sister o f two brothers whose mother calls
them all in a single breath. In short, episodic chapters we see Jenny
going to the beach, playing in the rain, and dealing with her broth­
er’s illness — probably polio. No plot, but attractive and well
L i p s o n , R u t h .
Modeh Ani means thank you.
Illus. by the author. Spring
Valley, New York, Feldheim, 1986. unp. (3-6)
Simple text about a brother and sister’s appreciation o f God’s gifts
— for their waking up, their home, toys and books, nature, etc.
♦ L i v i n g s t o n , M y r a C o h e n ,
Poems for Jewish holidays.
Illus. by
Lloyd Bloom. New York, Holiday, 1986. 29 p. (5-8)
Refreshingly unhackneyed poetry about Jewish holidays. You
may not like all sixteen poems, but you will treasure Bloom’s won­
derful illustrations. Winner of the National Jewish Book Award for
Children’s Illustrated Book - 1987.
Illus. by El Lissitsky; and M argo lin , M ir­
Little stories for little little children.
Illus. by Issachar Riback.
Transl. from the Yiddish by Jeffrey Shandler. Mount Kisco, New
York, Moyer Bell and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research,
32 p.