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New editions o f two historically and artistically important chil­
dren’s books. Set in Eastern Europe shtetls, the first, about a Yiddish
Tom Thumb, is entertaining and arresting. The second is the peri­
od’s equivalent of a modern primer.
M i l l e r , D e b o r a h U c h i l l .
The Modi’in motel: an idol tale for Chanukah.
Illus. by Karen Ostrove. Rockville, MD., Kar-Ben Copies, 1986. (4-9)
A tall tale about how the women and children, not the Maccabees,
were responsible for the Syrians’ defeat.
N i e m a r k , A n n e .
Leo Baeck and the Holocaust.
(Jewish Biography Series)
New York, Dutton/Lodestar, 1986. (10-14)
Fierce pride and heroism led Baeck to remain in Nazi Germany,
and to teach and comfort his fellow inmates in Theresienstadt, but
we need to know more about the human qualities of this great man
than is revealed in this biography.
* P i t t , N a n c y ,
Beyond the high white wall.
New York, Scribner’s, 1986. 135
p. (10-14)
Thirteen-year-old Libby’s life is never the same when, as aJew try­
ing to bring a killer tojustice in Czarist Rusia, she brings disaster on
her family, instead. Winner of the Association of Jewish Libraries’
Sydney Taylor Award for the best Jewish older children’s book of
P o r t n o y , M i n d y A u r a .
Ima on the bima: my mommy is rabbi.
Illus. by Steffi
Karen Rubin. Rockville, MD., Kar-Ben Copies, 1986. (4-8)
A first in publishing — a female rabbi discusses her duties from
her daughter’s perspective. Interesting. Glossary.
R e e d , A l l i s o n ,
The story ofJonah.
Retold by Kurt Baumann. New York,
North/South Book/Henry Holt, distrib., 1987. 32 p. (4-8)
An undramatic retelling — Jonah is quite cozy in the whale’s
tummy — until God reproves Jonah for his lack of compassion.
Stunning Byzantine-like two-dimensional full-color illustrations.
R o t h s t e i n , C h a y a L e a h .
The mentchkins make shabbos.
Illus. by Ruth
Perlstein. (Sifrei Rimon Series) Spring Valley, New York, Feldheim,
When the mentchkins misinterpret a “
to-do list” their
mother has a happy surprise.
R u t h e n , G e r a l d
Daniel and the silver flute.
Illus. by Marlene Ruthen.
New York, United Synagogue of America, 1986. 32 p. (4-8)
A learning-disabled version of the old hasidic legend of how the
gates of heaven open only to the music o f a pious child at the Neilah
service on Yom Kippur. Charming illustrations, Ruthen’s best yet.
S c h n e u r , S t e v e n .
The narrowest Bar Mitzvah.
Illus. by Victor Lazzaro.
New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1986. 42 p.