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Bracha Slae. Spring Valley, New York, Feldheim, 1987. 271 p. (12
Upon returning to the Old City where she lived as a child,
Shteiner recalls its fall and the evacuation of the Jewish Quarter as
seen through the eyes of a seven-year-old girl. Successfully recap­
tures a child’s view o f the events.
S i d o n , E p h r a im .
The animated menorah.
Illus. by Rony Oren. (Animated
Holiday Series) New York, Scopus Films, 1986. (7-10)
The story o f Hanukkah is neatly woven into the eight nightly
adventures — all connected with the theme o f freedom — when the
dreidle turns into a space ship. All that is needed to have a winner is
to get rid of the “jivey” tone, slang, and bad grammar. Claymation
* S i l b e r m a n , S h o s h a n a .
A family Haggadah.
b y
Katherine Janus
Kahn. Rockville, Md., Kar-Ben Copies, 1987. 64 p. (all ages)
The publishers of
My Very Own Haggadah
(for younger children)
now have a simple Haggadah for older children and parents. Its
blend o f tradition and innovation (activities, thought questions, etc.)
can be used alone, or with a standard Haggadah. Prayers and songs,
simply translated, are in Hebrew, transliteration, and English.
S p e c t o r , B a r b a r a .
The greatJewish quiz book.
Phila., PA, Jewish Publica­
tion Society, 1986. (10 up)
836 questions in 43 categories which include: Jewish “firsts,”Jews
in sports, the High Holydays, biography, music, literature, show
business, etc. The answers are on the reverse side o f the page.
Z a k o n , M i r i a m S t a r k .
The floating minyan of pirate's cove.
Illus. by
Siegmund Forst. New York, Judaica Press, 1986. 139 p. (8-14)
Third in the EMES Jr. Interpol series, here the boys search for a
missing Irgun hero in a backwater southern town.
Z a k u t i n s k y , R u t h .
King David and the frog.
Illus. by Aidel Backman.
Brooklyn, New York, Aura Publishing Co., 1986. (5-8)
A pretty interpretation o f Perek Shirah (Chapter of Song). The
songs o f all God’s creatures, in the order of their creation, are com­
mented upon in simple verse. The space-suited frog lends the only
discordant note.