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c h a e c h t e r
, M
o r d k h e
Yiddish II; a textbook for intermediate courses.
Philadelphia, Institute for the Study of Human Issues, 1986. xiv,
487, xviii p., illus., facsims., map, music, ports. With the editorial
assistance of Allen Astro, Thomas E. Bird, David L. Gold, Gitl
M .M .
Textbook for university students. The author is professor of Yid­
dish at Columbia University.
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Authentic Yiddish; observations and recommendations.
York, League for Yiddish, 1986. v. 1: 383 p., facsims. With a preface
by Joshua A. Fishman.
“Selection of normative linguistic studies and notes, published in”
various journals. (Introd.)
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, H
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am a r k in
, S
t a n
The Yiddish dictionary sourcebook; a
transliterated guide to the Yiddish language.
Hoboken, N.J., Ktav Pub­
lishing House, 1986. 317 p.
Contains over 8,500 words and phrases in Yiddish (Hebrew char­
acters), transliterated Yiddish and English, plus a brief overview of
Yiddish language and grammar.
a u r e n c e
, B
el l a
SaiVhoule; sagesse yiddish dans la tradition juive.
Pierre Bordas & Fils, [1986], 474 p., illus., facsims. Collaboration
pour le Yiddish Mordehai Ahron Martin Grycman; preface d’Isaac
Collection of Yiddish proverbs in French translation. “Documen-
taire yiddish” (pp. 207-453) includes texts of proverbs in Yiddish
(Hebrew characters), transliterated Yiddish and French, on facing