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Jewish folk tales: the eight lights of the Hanukkiya.
London, Beehive/Orbis,
1986. 232 p.
For children.
i n g s t o n
, B
e r y l
A time to love.
London, Macdonald, 1987. 480
p .
The story of a young Jew who rebelled against his upbringing and
married a non-Jewish girl.
a c h m e t
, D
j a n e t
Lallia (The Cow-Boy).
Manchester, Carcanet, 1987.
180 p.
First novel by this author, acclaimed in France for its exploration
of a society split between Christians, Muslims and Jews.
e v i
, P
r im o
Moments of reprieve.
Tr. by Ruth Feldman. London, M.
Joseph, 1986. 176 p.
Collection of short stories about Auschwitz and those who stood
out against such a tragic background.
i n d
, J
a k o v
The inventor.
London, Methuen, 1987. 160
p .
Novel about two Jewish brothers. Holds a mirror up to a genera­
tion in a bizarre and touching way.
e r k in
, D
a p h n e
London, H. Hamilton, 1987. 304 p.
Story of a young woman living in New York and her obsession
with her Orthodox Jewish family.
l s h a n
, J
o s e p h
A warmer season.
London, Bloomsbury, 1987. 264 p.
Portrayal of the casualties of divorce and the tensions between the
Italian and Jewish communities in upstate New York.
im p s o n
, R
o s em a r y
Dreams and shadows.
London, J. Piatkus, 1987. 416
About an Irish Catholic showgirl who marries a Hungarian Jew
and finds herself protecting him and his family during the war years
in Paris.
i e s e l
, E
l ie
The fifth son.
London, Viking 1986. 224 p.
For years Reuven Tamiroff has been haunted by the memory of
the ‘grave and terrible’ act he committed just after the war. His son
wishing to understand is drawn back into the past to confront a mys­
tery more remarkable than he ever imagined.
Bazak guide to Israel 1986-87.
London, Harper & Row, 1986. 600 p.
i n e s
, M
ic h a e l
Jewish joke book.
London, Futura, 1986. 112 p.
o n e n
, R
iv k a
Biblical holy places: an illustrated guide.
London, Black,
1987. 360 p.
a y e
, A
n n
a n c e
, H
e t t y
So, this is kosher! An new approach toJewish
London, Ward Locke, 1986. 96 p.
Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook 31, 1986.
London, Seeker
Warburg, 1986.
594 p.