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On November 13th Paula Gribetz Gottlieb, council director,
moderated a panel on the State ofJewish Books at the Fourth Fall
Conference of the Association of Jewish Libraries.
Helping Jewish childrens’ book professionals to connect with
one another and encouraging the publication of more high qual­
ity Jewish children’s books, were the goals of the
ThirdJewish Chil­
dren’s Book Conference
on November 13,1986. The conference was
organized by the Book Council and sponsored in cooperation
with the Commission on Synagogue Relations of UJA-Federation
of New York.
The conference, whose theme was “Connections: The Odyssey
of a Jewish Children’s Book,” focused on several different kinds
of connections:
1) The series o f connections between the professionals
involved in the production of a book.
2) The connections a child makes as he or she reads the words
of a book or looks at the pictures.
3) The connections being made at the conference itself both
formally and informally, which sparked new Jewish children’s
book projects.
The conference included sessions on writing and illustrating
ch ildren’s books, the production process, marketing and
retailing. A special program feature was the luncheon address by
Dr. Blanche Serwer-Bernstein, psychologist and author, who
spoke on “The Role of Children’s Literature in Attitude Forma­
The Council joined more than 1,000 publishers and other
exhibitors from more than forty countries — including Hungary,
Japan, and the Ivory Coast — at the
13th Jerusalem International
Book Fair,
April 6th through April 12th. The Book Council
arranged a combined American Jewish book exhibit of 60 titles
from nearly 30 publishers. Our booth quickly became a meeting
place and center for American Jewish publishers, authors, trans­
lators, and subsidiary rights representatives. Connections were
made in all areas of publishing, and hundreds of copies of our
exhibit catalog were distributed. Held every two years, the Book
Fair is one of the major international events in publishing. In
addition to being the site of brisk business in foreign rights, the