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various Polish editions (English edition:
Uprising in the Warsaw
After the events of 1968 the Jewish population of Poland was
reduced to approximately 6,000 . Now there are virtually no more
Jews living in Poland — hardly enough Jews, seemingly, to war­
rant any particular interest in Jews on the part of Poles. Conse­
quently, the recent wave of Judaica publications, which shows no
signs yet of cresting, comes as something of a surprise to the inter­
ested reader. These include works both on the Holocaust and on
Polish Jewish culture.
Recent Holocaust books in Polish have included, notably, sev­
eral accounts of aid rendered by Poles to persecuted Jews, e.g.;
Konspiracyjna Rada Pomocy Zydom w Warszawie 1942-1945
Clandestine Relief Council for Jews in Warsaw; 1982), by Teresa
Kryptonim “Zegota”; z dziejow pomocy Zydom w Polsce
(Code-name “Zegota”; on the history of aid to Jews in Poland
1939-1945 ; 1983), by Marek Arczynski and Wieslaw Balcerak:
Polacy-Zydzi, 1939-1945
(Poles and Jews, 1939-1945 ; 1971), by
Stanislaw Wrorisi and Maria Zwolakowa;
Za to grozita smierc
was punished with death: Polish aid to Jews during the Nazi occu­
pation; 1981), edited by Wladysfaw Smolski; and
Gehenna ludnosci
(The Jewish population’s Gehenna; 1983), by
Eugeniusz F^fara. Books on the suffering of Jews in rural dis­
tricts, among Polish peasants, have also appeared, including the
classic, 1,200-page work on the subject, by Wladyslaw
Bartoszewski and Zofia Lewinowna:
Tenjest z ojczyzny mojej
2nd enlarged edition: 1969 ; British edition:
Righteous among
nations: how Poles helped theJews 1939-1945 ,
lxxxvi, 834 p., 1969;
U.S. edition:
The Samaritans: heroes of the Holocaust,
442 p., 1970).
In this connection two memoirs dealing with survival on Aryan
documents ought to be mentioned:
Na aryjskich papierach
(1983 ;
English edition:
A private war,
1985), by Bronislaw Szatyn (Bruno
Shatyn), and
Cudem przeZylismy czas zaglady
(It was a miracle we
survived the Holocaust; 1983), by Leokadia Schmidt. Each of
these authors renders an honest account, without in any way dis­
torting reality, by portraying how Jews survived as Poles, among
Among other important Holocaust-related books are: “W
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