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hand, a poignant expression of the Jewish tragedy, minus the
horrific images. The captions in this album embrace the philoso­
phy of both eternal truth and transitory substance, conveyed to
the reader on wings of poetry.
Yet another photo album to appear recently in Poland bears
the title
Krakowski Kazimierz
(Krakow’s Kazimierz district; 1982),
by Jan Wladyslaw R^czka. It includes some lovely pictures, but a
moribund and
Kazimierz is depicted therein — sad and
lacking deeper significance.
One of the most important publications to appear in honor of
the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising was a special
issue (no. 339-340 , Feb.-March 1983) of the monthly
which devoted 400 pages to the full range of Jewish issues. This
weighty journal bears the added title:
Katolicyzm-Judaizm: Zydzi w
Polsce i wswiecie
(Catholicism and Judaism: Jews in Poland and in
the world). It includes articles on anti-Semitism and the struggle
against anti-Semitism, the Talmud, Kabbalah, the history of the
Jews, national movements among Jews, pre-war Poland’s
national minorities policies, and the vestiges of Jewish culture in
Poland, plus a brief anthology of Polish poetry written about Jews
since the Middle Ages, and articles on Jewish writers and think­
ers. Taken as a whole, this issue of
comprises a handy refer­
ence work for young Poles, who lack any acquaintance with Jew­
ish culture. The first 40 ,000 copies of the journal were rapidly
snatched up and due to the great demand, a new edition was
printed six months later.
One slim volume that has made a big impact is
O sytuacji pisarza
polskiegopochodzenia Zydowskiego wXX wieku
(Concerning the situa­
tion of 20th century Polish writers of Jewish descent; 1982), by
Artur Sandauer. In it the insightful literary critic settles scores
with both Polish and Jewish authors for their lack of honesty and
courage in dealing with Jewish issues.
Historiographical works published in small editions under the
auspices of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland (Zydowski
Instytut Historyczny w Polsce) and the State Scientific Publishing
House have an important bearing on our topic. These include
such titles as:
Powinnosci wojenne Zydow w Rzeczypospolitej w XVI i
XVII wieku
(Jewish war-obligations in the Polish Commonwealth