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during the 16th and 17th centuries; 1978), by Maurycy Horn;
Zydzi ziemi bielskiej od potonry XVII w. do 1795 r .: studium osadnicze,
prawne i ekonomiczne
(The Jews of Bielsk territory from the begin­
ning of the 17th century to 1795; colonial, legal and economic
study; 1980), by Anatol Leszczyriski; and
Prasa Zydowska w
Warszawie, 1823-1939
(The Jewish press in Warsaw, 1823-1939;
1979), by Marian Fuks. A reprint edition of Mathias Bersohn’s
Stownik biograficzny uczonych Zydowpolskich, XVI, XVII i XVIII wieku
(Biographical dictionary of learned Polish Jews of the 16th, 17th
and 18th centuries; 1905, reprinted 1980), and the following
books by Prof. Artur Eisenbach have also appeared:
rownouprawnienia Zydow w Krolestwie polskim
(The question of
equal rights for Jews in Crown Poland; 1972),
Wielka emigracja
wobec kwestii Zydowskiej, 1832-1849)
(The “Great Emigration” con­
fronts the Jewish Question, 1832-1849; 1976), and Z
ludnosci Zydowskiej wPolsce wXVIII i XIX wieku
(On the history of
the Jewish population in Poland during the 18th and 19th centu­
ries; 1983).
As for poetry, the brief period of Solidarity (1980-81) saw the
re-emergence of the poet Jerzy Ficowski, who had been silenced
over the previous decade, as a result of his critical stance regard­
ing the Polish People’s Republic’s repressive censorship policies.
Around the time of the commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto
uprising, Ficowski’s beautiful translation o f Isaac (Yitzhak)
Dos lidfunem oysgehargetn yidishnfolk
was published
(1st Yiddish edition: 1948; English edition:
The song of the mur­
dered Jewish people,
1980; Polish editions:
Piesn o zamordowanym
Zydowskim narodzie,
1982, reprinted 1986 in both Polish-only and
bilingual, Polish-Yiddish editions), together with a collection of
Ficowski’s poems that had been issued previously by a London
publisher — a classic of Holocaust literature:
Od czytanie popioiow
(Reading the ashes; 1983). At the same time the literary journal
(Creativity) printed Ficowski’s translations of Abraham
Sutzkever’s poems, along with an essay about that Yiddish poet.
This is an appropriate place to refer once again to the
poezji Zydowskiej
(Anthology of Yiddish poetry; 1983), compiled
by Salomon Lastik and edited by Arnold Slucki. This 550-page
volume was published in an edition of 10,000 and was promptly
sold out. The anthology is by now somewhat dated, owing to the
15-year delay between its compilation and publication. Still, the
work’s great merit cannot be diminished; included in it are poems