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shtetl argentino
(Jerusa lem : La Sem ana Publicaciones L tda,
1982); an d Baru j Resnick,
The Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Ar­
(H eb rew , Yad T ab en k in , Israe l, n .d ., b u t 1987). An ac­
adem ic study comes f rom Brazil: E the l Volfzon Kosminsky,
Rolandia, a terra prometida: judeus refugiados do nazismo no norte
do Parana
(Sao Paulo: FFLCH /C en tro de Estudos Juda icos ,
O n e is always a t a loss as to w h e th e r to inc lude non -h ispan ic
te r r i to r ie s o f the C a r ibbean in a review o f this n a tu re . Bu t
C u ra sao an d o th e r te r r i to r ie s u n d e r P ro te s tan t con tro l were
the m o th e r colonies o f several m a in land Jew ish comm un ities.
Jew s m oved f requ en tly be tw een these areas , c rea ting a unity
o f Jew ish g eog raphy . S teph en F o r tu n e ’s
Merchants and Jews: The
Struggle fo r British West Indian Commerce: 1650-1750
University o f F lo rida Press, 1984) is a study o f Jew ish se ttlem en t
and m e rcan tile activities in B a rbados and Jam a ica . R obert
C ohen has ed ited a collection o f essays on the little-known
Nation of Surinam
(Am ste rdam : S. Emm e rg in , 1982). A n th ro ­
pologist C aro l S. H o lzbe rg recen tly pub lished
Minorities and
Power in a Black Society: TheJewish Community ofJamaica
(Lanham ,
MD: N o r th -S o u th Pub lish ing Co., 1986)
T h e g row ing l i te ra tu re on Is ra e l’s re la tions with Latin Am e r­
ica is inc luded h e re because o f th e im pac t o f re cen t even ts on
Latin Am erican Jews. T h e basic tex t on this subject is Edy
Kau fm an , Yoram S hap ira , Jo e l B a rrom i,
Israel-Latin American
(New Brunsw ick , NJ: T ran sa c t io n Books, 1979). T h e
au tho rs , who inc lude two political scientists an d a d ip lom a t, have
also w ritten n um e ro u s articles on the subject from h e te ro d o x
Israeli perspectives. B ishara B ahbah , in
Israel and Latin America:
The Military Connection
(New York: St. M a r tin ’s Press, 1986) and
Milton Jam a il an d M argo G u tie rrez , in
I t’s No Secret: Israel’s M il­
itary Involvement in Central America
(Belmon t, MA: Association
o f A rab -Am e rican Un iversity G radu a te s , 1986) p rov ide consid ­
erab le d a ta from a variety o f re liab le sources from a non - o r
anti-Zionist perspec tive . O th e r political science works inc lude
th re e pam ph le ts th a t shou ld no t be overlooked : David J .
Castro, Israel, and the PLO
(W ash ing ton , D.C.: Cuban -
American N a tiona l F o und a tion , 1984); Ignacio Klich,