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th e e a r l ie r works by M arcus-B ilgray an d Berlin , in th a t th is list
is only a b ib liog raphy . W ith th e ex cep tion o f tho se pub lished
b e fo re 1966, a r t i c l e s ' o f Ju d a ic in te re s t wh ich a p p e a r in
F e s tsch r if ten a re listed in
Index o f Articles on Jewish Studies,
which is pub lish ed by th e Jew ish N a tiona l an d University
L ib ra ry in J e ru sa lem .
As I ind ic a ted in th e essay, th e r e a re a n um b e r o f
F e s tsch r if ten h o n o r in g Israeli an d o th e r Jew ish scho lars which
deal with th e h o n o r e e s ’ a re a o f in te re s t , such as philosophy ,
linguistics, a r t h isto ry , lib ra r ian sh ip , e tc ., which a re no t
p r im a r ily c o n c e rn e d w ith Jew ish stud ies, a l th o u g h th e r e is th e
occasional essay in th em which is. Because o f th e i r p rob lem a tic
n a tu r e I have chosen to exc lude th e se Fe s tsch r if ten . O n th e
o th e r h an d , th e r e a re F e s tsch r if ten fo r C h r is tian scho lars and
tho se in New T e s tam en t study whose re la tion sh ip to Jew ish
stud ies m igh t no t be imm ed ia te ly a p p a re n t b u t which have
been inc luded . C o n c e rn in g th is an d o th e r d ifficu lties
en c o u n te re d in d e f in in g th e “Fe s tsch r if t in Jew ish S tud ie s ,” I
r e fe r th e r e a d e r to my e a r l ie r essay.
.>ynnN .>lo t? n\yy n\ynn “p o .n>mp>nyi >pNn ny>*pn o n p n n ;^cw>->pN
,89 ,viii .1981—x"Etpn ,rPTnp,njn toncr-inx nrprfr mann artonr
Added title-page: Eretz-Israel; Archaeological, Historical and Geogra­
phical Studies:
Aharoni Memorial Volume. (15 TD ;*?XHZP-]HX)
Mystics, Philosophers, and Politicians: Essays in Jewish Intellectual History
in Honor o f Alexander Altmann,
edited by Jehuda Reinharz and
Daniel Swetschinski with the collaboration o f Kalman P. Bland.
Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1982. xii, 372 p.
Studies in Jewish Religious and Intellectual History in Honor o f Alexander
Altmann on the Occasion o f His Seventieth Birthday,
edited by
Siegfried Stein and Raphael Loewe. University, AL: Published in
association with the Institute o f Jewish Studies by the University
o f Alabama Press, 1977. 362, 108 p.
Added title-page:
Dy nnVim nnpna ;n,nao ,n ,nyn ,n»Dn :n"nn
v y
.imm torrcr
Jubilee Volume (1928 -2911978-79),
edited by Salo W. Baron and Isaac
E. Barzilay. Jerusalem: American Academy for Jewish Research,
1980. 2 vols.
(Proceedings, American Academy for Jewish Research; vols.
46-47) Title-page on Vol. 2: ’SHE1? jvapnaxn n’anpxn
Varn -ISO