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Studia Orientalia Memoriae D. H. Baneth Dedicata.
(Editorial board: J.
Blau, et al.) Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1979.
407, 181 p.
Added title-page: Dytt ’2S TR “IDT1? miB npn.
Studies in Sephardic Culture: The David N. Barocas Memorial Volume,
edited by Marc D. Angel. New York: Sepher-Hermon Press for
the Foundartion for the Advancement o f Sephardic Studies and
Culture, and the Sephardic House at Congregation Shearith
Israel, 1980. 178 p.
Salo Wittmayer Jubilee Volume on the Occasion o f His Eithtieth Birthday.
(Saul Lieberman, editor; Arthur Hyman, associate editor).
Jerusalem: American Acadamy for Jewish Research; New York:
distributed by Columbia University Press, 1974. 3 vols.
Title-page on Vol. 3: I1? DN^*? 71*1X3 Ol’TO TDD1? ^31’n ISO
Community and the Individual Jew: Essays in Honor o f Lavy M. Becker,
edited by Ronald S. Aigen and Gershon Hundert. Philadelphia:
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Press, 1986. 195 p.
Studies in Judaica in Honor o f Dr. Samuel Belkin as Scholar and Educator,
edited by Leon D. Stitskin. New York: Ktav Publishiing House,
1974. 467 p.
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Added title-page: Samuel Belkin Memorial Volume.
Israel hat dennoch Gott zum Trost: Festschrift fu r Schalom Ben-Chorin,
hrsg. von Gotthold Muller. Trier: Paulinus-Verlag, 1978. 202 p.
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Added title-page: Types o f Leadership in the Biblical Period; A Study
Conference in Honor o f the Eighty-Fifth Birthday o f David Ben-
Gurion, Held 15 December 1971.
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