Page 139 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 46

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Added title-page‘ Bible and Jewish History’ Studies in Bible and Jewish
History Dedicated to the Memory o f Jacob Liver.
Studies in Bible and the Ancient Near East Presented to Samuel E.
Loewenstamm on His Seventieth Birthday,
edited by Yitschak Avishur,
Joshua Blau. Jerusalem: E. Rubenstein’s Publ. House, 1978. xviii,
215 p.
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Rabbi Joseph Lookstein Memorial Volume:
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pnat not?
'!r,t5tPp11?, edited by Leo Landman. New York: Ktav Publishing
House, 1980. xii, 398, 23 p.
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Added title-page: Studies in Jewish History Presented to Professor
Raphael Mahler on His Seventy-Fifth Birthday.
A Bicentennial Festschrift fo r Jacob Rader Marcus,
edited by Bertram
Wallace Korn. Waltham, MA: American Jewish Historical Society,
1976. xi, 633 p.
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/ay 360
,pip am noia jtrtonT .Vxm
Justice. Justice Shalt Thou Pursue: Papers On the Occasion o f the 75th
Birthday o f the Reverend Dr. Julius Mark, as an Expression o f the
Gratitude o f the Jewish Conciliation Board with Whose Services and
Leadership Dr. Mark Has Long Been Established,
edited by Ronald
B. Sobel and Sidney Wallach. New York: Ktav Publishing House,
1975. 210 p.