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commercial activity was universally p roh ib ited by the
“Judengesetzgebung” (anti-Jewish legislation) following the
According to the list published on July 1, 1937 by the
Sonderreferat Hinkel, 80 firms were regarded as constituting
the Jewish book trade — 27 publishers, including some with
book trade outlets, and 53 traditional bookstores. This number
rem a ined almost constant until October 1938, when
Sonderreferat Hinkel published a second updated list. The cen­
ter of the Jewish book trade was Berlin, which alone had 18
publishers, among them the Brandus’sche Buchhandlung.
Eschkol-Verlag, C. Boas Nachf., the publishing house of Erich
Lowe (formerly the “Jiidische Buchvereinigung”) and the Erich
Reiss Verlag, the book publishing branch of the
, the Philo-Verlag, the Jiidischer Verlag and the
Schocken Verlag. In Frankfurt there were the publishers of
(Israelite) and Hermon, as well as the affiliated hous­
es I. Kauffmann and M. Lehrberger; in Breslau Jacob B.
Brandeis and Stefan Miinz (formerly the Jewish division of the
publisher M. u. H. Marcus), and in Leipzig M. W. Kaufmann.7
A detailed evaluation of these publishers would be impossible
here. However, I would like to say a few words about the pub­
lishers Schocken Verlag and Jiidischer Verlag, both of which
are especially significant for the history of Jewish books in Ger­
man.8 The history of Jiidischer Verlag harks back to the early
period of political Zionism. It was founded in 1902 by a group
of young oppositional Zionists as a kind of “central office for
the advancement of Jewish literature, art, and science.” Its im­
petus was, as Martin Buber, one of the spokesmen, wrote 25
years later, a “striving for a Judaism that is not merely pro­
claimed on paper, but practiced in daily life, for a . . . ‘Jewish
6 For details see
cols. 139-152, 163-174.
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8 The
Jiidische Rundschau
itself pointed this out when it published portraits
o f Schocken Verlag and Jiidischer Verlag as a literary supplement and jus­
tified this preference over other publishers. Cf. ‘Zwei Jiidische Verlage,’
Jiidische Rundschau
XXXXII, no. 90 (November 12, 1937), p. 9f.