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arrangements were eventually made to ship the entire collection
to new quarters in Brooklyn.
Chaim Lieberman, the renowned bibliographer o f Judaica
and Hebraica, functioned as chief administrator o f the library
up to his retirement in 1980.8 He devised an original system
o f cataloging and classifying materials which is followed to date.
It is noteworthy that many o f the current staff members ac­
knowledge their indebtedness to Lieberman for their profes­
sional training. None that this writer encountered in the course
o f preparing this article ever attended a school for librarians,
yet their professionalism is admirably reflected in all services,
technical and administrative. Yizhak Wilhelm succeeded
Lieberman in administering SACH.
A second collection was organized in 1950 when Rabbi
Menahem M. Schneerson became seventh leader o f Habad
Hasidism succeeding his father-in-law Rabbi Yosef Yizhak.
Heretofore he had functioned for a number o f years as director
o f an international network o f educational institutions
L ’Inyanei Chinuch,9
hence the name o f this new collection
“Merkos.” Its resources were also assembled mainly through
donations by the new Rebbe’s personal friends, Habad follow­
ers, publishers, book dealers, and other libraries willing to part
with duplicates. The Merkos collection grew in size and quality
in the 35 years since its inception, comparing well with its earlier
prototype in both respects. Rabbi Sholom Duber Levine has
been fulfilling the responsibilities o f director in the past decade.
The holdings o f Merkos together with its administrative offices
are located in the building adjacent to Lubavitch headquarters.
For purpose o f greater efficiency, the two collections were
combined into a single entity by the end o f 1987. As a matter
o f fact, in the discourse delivered around that time on the sig­
nificance o f books as instruments for spreading knowledge o f
Torah, the Rebbe pointed out that the “Merkos” library was
conceived from the beginning as an addition to SACH and an
enlargement thereof.10 The consolidation o f resources coin­
cided with the first anniversary o f a judgment by the Supreme
Court o f Brooklyn that all titles in possession o f SACH are in
. Lieberman’s collected essays were published in
Ohel Rachel,
3 vols. N ew
York, 1980-84.
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