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brew literature is represented by the complete works o f S. J.
Agnon. The Library o f Schocken Verlag wishes to establish a
house o f German culture with its volumes accessible to all.”
In this program, which provides a good description of its
publications until 1938, informational and educational inten­
tions are merged; of course these categories overlap. The cul­
tural and pedagogical efforts embody in a pure form the pop­
ular annual
Schocken Almanack
(Schocken Almanac), the success­
(Schocken Library) of 82 volumes and the
Jiidische Lesehefte
(Jewish Readers), which were designed for Jew­
ish schools and youth groups. The works designed to promote
high cu ltu re were the historical-critical editions o f the
“Forschungsinstitut fur hebraische Dichtung” (Research Insti­
tute for Hebrew Poetry), established and funded by Schocken
the diwans of Yannai
Moses ibn Ezra),
the Bible trans­
lation of Buber and Rosenzweig, Benno Jacob’s commentary
on Genesis
Das erste Buck der Thora
(The First Book of the To ­
rah), and the
(Letters) of Franz Rosenzweig. To maintain
its broad literary spectrum, Schocken Verlag appointed a great
number of authors, editors and translators, who were among
the best that the Jewish world had to offer. Aside from those
I have already named, here is a very small selection: Chaim
Brody, Jefim Schirmann, Emanuel Bin Gorion, Efraim Frisch,
Ismar Elbogen, Elias Bickermann, E rnst Simon, Fritz
Bamberger, Nahum Norbert Glatzer and Leo Strauss.13
In order to avoid giving a distorted picture, a brief note
should be added concerning two other publishers, the publish­
ing house o f Erich Reiss and the Philo-Verlag o f the
Centralverein deutscher Staatsburger jiidischen Glaubens (Cen­
tral Organization of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith). The
Erich Reiss Verlag, which was founded in early 1909, was con­
Jiidische Rundschau,
XXXX (April 17, 1935);
XIV (April 17,
13 For details on Schocken Verlag see Volker Dahm,
Das jiidische Buch im Dritten
Part 2:
Salman Schocken und sein Verlag
(Frankfurt, 1981). (Special
publication o f the
Archiv fu r Geschichte des Buchwesens,
vol. XXII, 1981); on
the publishing program, see cols. 507-596 (description) and 830-854 (bib­