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sidered one of the important publishing houses for belles-lettres
of the decades preceding 1933, along with S. Fischer, Gustav
Kiepenheuer, Rowohlt and Kurt Wolff. For the entire duration
of its existence, until 1936 or 1937, 418 publications in a variety
of fields were recorded. After the seizure of power by the Na­
tional Socialists, Erich Reiss decided that from then on he would
publish only the works of Jewish authors and of Jewish content.
As early as 1933 Mark Wischnitzer’s book,
Die Juden in der Welt
(The Jews in the World), was published. Later Reiss published
two books by Joachim Prinz (1934:
Wir Juden
(We Jews); 1935:
Geschichten der Bibel, derJugend neu erzahlt
(Biblical Stories Retold
for Young People)). However, he made a special mark with
Gerson Stern’s
Weg ohne Ende
(Road without End, 1934) — sure­
ly the most successful Jewish novel of those years. The novel
Der Sohn des verlorenen Sohnes
(The Son of the Lost Son, 1935;
English transla tion , 1946) by the Austrian w riter Soma
Morgenstern was also rather popular.14 The end of the pub­
lishing house is shrouded in mystery. The fact that it still ap­
pears on Hinkel’s list in 1937 and the publisher did not emigrate
until after “Kristallnacht” means that its closing was probably
attributable less to political than to economic or personal dif­
The Philo-Verlag was quite different. Founded in 1919 by
Ludwig Hollander as “Gabriel Riesser Verlag” and renamed
“Philo-Verlag and Buchhandlung” in 1920, the enterprise pub­
lished mainly the political and scholarly writings o f the
Centralverein, especially defensive literature and Abwehr-
literatur (writings intended to combat anti-Semitism). As an ex­
ample the famous Abwehrschrift (defensive treatise)
comes to mind, which had seven printings by 1933.16 The in­
tellectual review
Der Morgen
(Morning) and, starting in 1929,
Zeitschrift fu r die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland
14 For details on the Erich Reiss Verlag see Hans Adolf Halbey,
Der Erich
Reiss Verlag 1908-1936. Versuch eines Portrats.
With an overview o f the pub­
lications (Frankfurt 1981). (Special publication o f the
Archiv fu r Geschichte
des Buchwesens,
vol. XXI, 1980). Cf. also the publishing notices o f the pub­
lisher in 1934 and 1935 in
15 Cf. Dahm,
Das jiidische Buch, op. cit.,
Part I, Appendix XIII (cols. 263-270,
here col. 266) Halbey (see fn. 14), col. 1144, assumes with vague references
to Dahm,
Part I, col. 119, that the publishing house had been “con­
fiscated” by Goebbels, whatever that means.
Anti-Anti Tatsachen zur Judenfrage,
7th ed. (Berlin: Philo-Verlag: 1933).