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D a v i d W e r n e r Amram.
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Philadel­
phia, Pennsylvania, in 1866, died there June 26, 1939.
lawyer and legal scholar who published works on Pennsylvania
law, he also took an interest in Jewish law, as evidenced by
Jewish Law o f Divorce
(1896, 1968) and
Leading Cases in the Bible
(1905, 1985).
The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy
(1909, 1963) was
the first work in English on the subject o f Hebrew printing in
Italy from the 15th century on.
Simha A s s a f .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Luban, Russia, July
, 1889, died in Jerusalem in 1953. After a traditional rabbinic
education, he taught first in a modern Yeshiva in Odessa, but
settled in Palestine in 1921. He eventually became professor o f
Talmud and Gaonic studies at the Hebrew University and after
the establishment o f Israel served on the Israeli Supreme Court.
His major interest was the Gaonic period o f Jewish history and
the literature it produced. Among his works was an edition o f
the Siddur o f Saadia Gaon. He also edited source material about
the history o f the Jews in Palestine in the Middle Ages.
A s h e r B a r a s h .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Lopatin, Galicia,
March 16, 1889, died in Tel-Aviv in 1952. In Palestine since 1914,
he taught at the Herzlia Gymasium in Tel-Aviv and at the Bet
Sefer Reali in Haifa. He was a prolific writer o f fiction and also
some poetry, that reflected the various environments in which he
lived. While emphasizing the pleasant aspects o f life, he did not
neglect to indicate the tragic ones by indirection. In English there
Though He Slay Me
A Golden Treasury of Jewish
(1965), and
Pictures From a Brewery
(1971). He also founded
the Genazim Institute, which collects manuscripts and memorabilia
o f modern Hebrew writers.
Moshe Beilinson. 100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Veprika, Russia,
October 5, 1889, died in Tel-Aviv in 1936. Trained as a physician,
he lived for some years in Italy before coming to Palestine in 1924.
He was active in the Labor Zionist movement and wrote many
studies on its behalf. He also published a book on Jewish-Arab
relations in 1930 under the impact o f the disturbances at the West­
ern Wall in 1929. In Hebrew he also wrote a history o f the Italian
liberation movement in the 19th century, which in part had served
both Moses Hess and Herzl for their conception o f Zionism. He
is best remembered now for the hospital named in his memory
in Tel-Aviv.
I s r a e l B e t t a n .
100th birthday. Born in Lithuania January 16, 1889,
died in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1957. Ordained as rabbi at Hebrew
Union College, he returned to serve as professor o f homiletics