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and Midrash at his alma mater after a decade in the rabbinate.
In addition to numerous smaller works, he wrote
Studies in Jewish
Preaching: Middle Ages
(1939, 1987) and
The Five Scrolls, a Com­
(1950). He likewise prepared anthologies o f important
midrashim for the use o f his students.
Joshua B lau . 70th birthday. Born in Cluj, Rumania, September 22,
1919. A professor o f Arabic at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
since 1962, he has written widely in the field o f Arabic and Hebrew
philology. Among his studies are
The Emergence and Linguistic Back­
ground o fJudaeo-Arabic
(1965, 1981);
A Grammar o f Christian Arabic
A Grammar o f Biblical Hebrew
(1976); and
The Renaissance
o f Modern Hebrew and Modern Standard Arabic: Parallels and Differ­
ences in the Revival o f Two Semitic Languages
(1981). Among his
works in Hebrew is a new concordance to the Bible, combined
with a Hebrew-English dictionary.
Reuben B r a in in .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Lyadi, Belorussia,
in 1862, died in New York, November 30, 1939. A modern H e ­
brew and Yiddish writer, who edited several Hebrew magazines
in Vienna in the 1890s and in New York after his arrival here
in 1909. He was particularly influential as a literary critic o f the
newly developing Hebrew literature and was the author o f special
monographs on Abraham Mapu and Perez Smolenskin, both ma­
jo r figures in 19th century Hebrew secular literature. He also
wrote for the Yiddish press and championed the Jewish auton­
omous region o f Birobidzhan under Soviet auspices. His stand
alienated him from many o f his fellow Zionists, whose cause he
had supported for many years.
A d o l f B u e c h l e r .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Priekopa,
Hungary, in 1867, died in London, England, February 19, 1939.
Trained as a modern rabbi in Budapest, he first served as rabbi
there, then as professor at the rabbinical seminary in Vienna,
Austria, and finally as head o f Jews’ College, the orthodox rab­
binical seminary in London from 1907 on. His studies, dealing
mainly with the period o f Jewish history during the Second Tem ­
ple and after, include:
Types ofJewish-Palestinian Pietyfrom 70 B.C.E.
to 70 C.E.
(1922, 1968);
The Economic Condition o f Judaea after the
Destruction o f the Second Temple
(1912, 1973); and
The Political and
Social Leaders o f the Jewish Community o f Sepphoris in the Second and
Third Centuries
(1909). Posthumously, a collection o f his articles
appeared as
Studies inJewish History
(1956, 1973). Some o f his works
were also translated into Hebrew.
Mo se s B u t t e n w i e s e r .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Beerfelden,
Germany, in 1862, died in Palo Alto, California, March 22, 1939.
After studies in Germany he became professor o f Bible at the