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Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. His three major works,
Prophets o f Israel
The Book o f Job
(1922), and
The Psalms
(1938, 1969), are in the spirit o f radical biblical criticism. His trans­
lations in the latter two books o f the biblical texts have been praised
for their felicitous language. A long with his criticism went a fervent
devotion to a universalist interpretation o f Judaism that charac­
terized classical Reform.
C e n t r a l Con ference
o f
100th anniversary o f
founding. Established at its first convention in Detroit, July 9,
1889. The first national organization o f American rabbis, it is made
up principally o f Reform rabbis. Its first president was Isaac M.
Wise, the founder o f the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.
Through its
published regularly since its inception,
many scholarly papers have enriched American Jewish learning.
On its initiative a series o f prayerbooks and hymnals for the use
o f Reform Jews have been published and distributed throughout
the English speaking world.
I s r a e l D a v i d s o n .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Yonava,
Lithuania, in 1870, died in New York, June 27, 1939. He taught
medieval Hebrew literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary
o f America in New York.
addition to numerous editions o f
texts, some from the Genizah in Cairo, he compiled the monu­
A Thesaurus o f Medieval Hebrew Poetry
(1925-1938, 1970),
which gives the first lines o f 35,000 Hebrew poems and indicates
their sources and place in various liturgical works. An earlier work
Parody in Jewish Literature
(1907, 1967).
He rman D i cke r .
75th birthday. Born in Jasina, Hungary, January 30,
1914. He grew up in Wuerttemberg in southern Germany and
attended the orthodox rabbinical seminary in Berlin as well as
German universities. Coming to this country during the Nazi pe­
riod, he became a chaplain in the U.S. Army and continued to
serve in this capacity until his retirement, when he became ref­
erence librarian at the Jewish Theological Seminary o f America
in New York. His service as chaplain in the Far East resulted in
Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East: a Century o f Jewish Life in
China and Japan
Piety and Perseverance: Jews from the Car­
pathian Mountains
(1981) is devoted to a history o f the Jews in
the area o f his birth.
Creativity, Holocaust, Reconstruction: Jewish Life
in Wuerttemberg
(1984) deals with the surroundings o f his youth.
O f Learning and Scholarship
(1987) traces the history o f the library
o f the Jewish Theological Seminary.
Mose s Fe inste in.
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Pinsk, Russia,
in 1896, died in Tel-Aviv, September 22, 1964. In 1921 he found­
ed the Herzlia Teachers Institute in New York and directed it