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odicals published in Palestine. He expressed his opinions sharply
about what he perceived to be the ills o f Jewish community life,
which at times even landed him in jail. He opposed the Zionist
movement and in his later years made his journal the organ o f
the old Jewish community with its traditional religious concerns,
as against the newcomers who espoused the modern nationalism.
As a source o f Jewish history this periodical is invaluable for the
period covered.
o s e s
a l a n t e
300th anniversary o f death. Born in Palestine in 1620,
died in Jerusalem, February 11, 1689. Of a rabbinic family he
settled in Jerusalem, and during the period o f Shabbetai Zevi’s
activity supported him for a long time, but later broke with him
over his pretension o f divinity. He published a commentary on
the Torah and sermons for the festivals.
o s e s
a v i d
a o n
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Travnik,
Yugoslavia, September 6, 1889, died in Jerusalem in 1958. An
educator in Palestine since 1909, he also taught in South America.
His principal interest was Sephardic Jewry. He compiled a bib­
liography o f Ladino periodicals and wrote a history o f the Sephar­
dic community in Palestine, which was recently reissued in a new
o s e s
a s t e r
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Bucharest,
Rumania, in 1856, died near Abington, England, March 4, 1939.
A student o f Rumanian folklore, he had to leave his native land
because o f his advocacy o f Jewish rights, settling in London, where
he became the
(senior rabbi) o f the Sephardic community,
headquartered in the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue. He
published its history under the title,
History of the Ancient Synagogue
o f the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, the Cathedral Synagogue of the Jews
in England, Situated in Bevis Marks
(1901). His wide range o f schol­
arly interests is evidenced by
Studies and Texts in Folklore, Magic,
Mediaeval Romance, Hebrew Apocrypha, and Samaritan Archaeology,
three-volume work, first published 1925-28, reprinted in 1971.
He also prepared an English edition o f the
M a ’aseh Book, Book
o f Jewish Tales and Legends
(1934). In addition he was active in
the Zionist movement from the beginning, although he frequently
was at odds with its leadership.
a r o n
l a n z
- L
e y e l e s
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Vloclawek,
Poland, March 5, 1889, died in New York in 1966. He came to
the United States in 1909 and studied at Columbia University.
This was followed by a career o f teaching in Jewish schools and
contributing feuilletons to the Yiddish press, dealing mainly with
Yiddish literature. He also published volumes o f Yiddish poetry,
associating himself with the movement called
whose ad­