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comprehensive study of this subject in any language. He also
edited and translated the
Sefer Ha-Ikkarim
(The Book of Principles)
by the medieval philosopher Joseph Albo in a four-volume work
(1929-1930). For many years he taught at Dropsie College and
served as editor of the Jewish Publication Society, at that time
a major source of Jewish books in this country.
l f r e d
o s p e
80th birthday. Born in Berlin, Germany, March 31,
liberal rabbi in Germany until 1938, he emigrated to this
country the following year and eventually became associated with
the B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundations, for many years as program
director and finally as international director. He published several
anthologies on Jewish subjects for the use of Jewish students (
dition and Contemporary Experience
, 1970;
Bridges to a Holy Study:
New Worship for the Sabbath and Minor Festivals,
1973). He also trans­
lated and edited the major Jewish work of Moses Mendelsohn,
into English (1969) and prepared an anthology,
in Jewish Thought
(1981), offering selected translations from the
works of German Jewish theologians of the 19th and 20th cen­
o l o m o n
o b e r t
a g a n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Orany,
Lithuania, December 15, 1889, died in Boston, Mass., in 1955.
A rabbi and physician, trained in Europe, he came to this country
after World War I. In addition to a busy medical practice, he
wrote a good deal on the history of medicine. Of Jewish interest
are his
Jewish Contributions to Medicine in America
Jewish Physicians of Note
(1942), and
Jewish Medicine
a r u c h
a r u
( K
r u p n i k
) .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in
Chernevsty, Russia, March 29, 1889, died in Israel in 1972. In
the 1920s he lived in Berlin, Germany, serving on the staff of
the German
Encyclopaedia Judaica.
When the continuation of this
work became impossible under the Nazi regime, he settled in
Palestine in 1935 and published various dictionaries, one of He­
brew abbreviations, another on rabbinic Hebrew and Aramaic. He
also edited the memorial volume for the Jewish community of
Vitebsk in the Ukraine.
i m h i
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Jaslo, Galicia,, Decem­
ber 9, 1889, died in Jerusalem in 1961. He came to Jerusalem
in 1908, where he began teaching in a high school, continuing
in this work throughout his life. In addition to novels he also wrote
books for children, an encyclopedia of biblical personalities, and
prepared a Hebrew anthology of world literature. He also trans­
lated individual authors, such as Jakob Wassermann, into Hebrew.
The themes for his own work derived from the environment of
his youth and from the new Jewish milieu in Palestine.