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He is best remembered as founding editor o f the
Allgemeine Zeitung
des Judentums,
the major German Jewish periodical established in
1837, which remains an important source for German Jewish his­
tory o f that period. It outlived him, until it was absorbed by an­
other magazine in 1922. He developed a wide ranging literary
activity, fighting for the emancipation o f the Jews, also writing
plays with Jewish historical backgrounds that were translated into
Hebrew. In English translation were published
The Crucifixion and
the Jews
(1866), and
The Marranos, a Novel
i z h a k
a p h a e l
75th birthday. Born in Sasov, Galicia, July 4, 1914.
In Palestine since 1935, he was active in the Hapoel Hamizrachi
movement and served on the executive o f the Jewish Agency be­
fore the establishment o f Israel. For some years he was minister
o f health and later headed the Mosad Harav Kook, the research
arm and publishing house o f the Mizrachi movement in Israel.
In addition to editing various jubilee and memorial volumes o f
prominent religious Zionist leaders, he has edited a Hebrew en­
cyclopedia o f religious Zionism and has written a good deal on
s a a c
a c o b
e i n e s
150th anniversary o f birth. Born in Karolin, Rus­
sia, October 17, 1839, died in Lida, Russia, 1915. A traditional
rabbi, who wanted to restructure rabbinic education by introduc­
ing secular subjects into the curriculum o f the Yeshivah, he faced
a great deal o f opposition and had to abandon early attempts in
this direction. In his rabbinic writings he tried to bring logical
analysis to the problems at hand, in contradistinction to the tra­
method, which tried to reconcile seemingly contra­
dictory passages at all costs. He was one o f the first to support
Herzl and a principal organizer o f the Mizrachi movement in Eu­
rope, which also earned for him a great deal o f enmity from his
opponents. In 1970 a biography was published by Joseph
(Rabbi Isaac Jacob Reines, His Life and Thought).
a t h a n
o t e n s t r e i c h
75th birthday. Born in Sambor, Galicia, March
31, 1914. In Palestine since 1932, he has been professor o f phi­
losophy at the Hebrew University, some time also dean and rector
o f this institution. He has written extensively in Hebrew and Eng­
lish on Jewish topics and philosophy. O f Jewish interest are:
Recurring Pattern, Studies in Anti-Judaism in Modern Thought
Jewish Philosophy in Modern Times
Tradition and Reality, the
Impact o f History on Modern Jewish Thought
(1972); and
Jews and
German Philosophy, the Polemics o f Emancipation
(1984). In addition
he has dealt with the philosophies o f Kant, Hegel, and Marx in
several monographs.
a l m a n
h a z a r
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Mir, Russia, No­