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he served for over three decades. In his struggle to maintain tra­
dition, he opposed the slightest deviation from the code o f the
Shulhan Arukh,
to prevent the possibility o f eroding the position
o f the Orthodox. His commentaries on various talmudic tractates
and his collections o f responsa were not published until after his
death, but have been reprinted many times.
l i e z e r
u k e n i k
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Bialystok, Po­
land, August 12, 1889, died in Jerusalem in 1953. In Palestine
since 1912, he eventually became professor o f archaeology at the
Hebrew University. He participated in and led many excavations
in Palestine. Although most o f his studies were published in He­
brew, some appeared in English translation, such as
The Third Wall
of Jerusalem
The Ancient Synagogue o f Beth Alpha
Ancient Synagogues in Palestine and Greece
(1934); and jointly
with others
The Buildings at Samaria
e n j a m i n
a m m u z
70th birthday. Born in Kharkov, Ukraine, July
10, 1919. In Palestine since 1924, he has been a popular novelist
and short story writer, editing the literary supplement o f
a major daily in Israel. Several o f his books have been translated
into English (
Castle in Spain,
1981, and
fo r N a ’aman,
1982). The latter touches on a theme quite common
to Israeli writers in recent years, contrasting the naive idealism
o f the early Zionist pioneers with the present-day consumer gen­
e m i m a h
c h e r n o w i t z
- A
v i d a r
80th birthday. Born in Vilna,
Lithuania, October 8, 1909. In Palestine since 1921, she has been
a prolific children’s author, producing many books that proved
very popular. One o f her works was translated into English (
1969). For many years she wrote a children’s column
one o f the major dailies in Israel.
a v i d
a m o s c
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in Kempen, Posen,
Germany, December 19, 1789, died in Breslau, Germany, in 1864.
A child o f the Haskalah, the Jewish enlightenment movement, he
published poems in Hebrew in a didactic style; also a Hebrew
morality play for children, Hebrew grammars, various translations,
and Hebrew poems for the anniversaries o f prominent people.
He likewise contributed to the
Bikkure Ha-Ittim,
the leading
Haskalah periodical at that time.
u g o
u c k e r m a n n
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Eger, Bohe­
mia, now Czechoslovakia, in 1881, died there as a result o f wounds
received during World War I, December 23, 1914. From an as­
similated Jewish family, he became an attorney, but because o f
anti-Semitism turned to the Zionist movement and also began to
write poetry o f Jewish content. He translated the
Song of Solomon