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l u b a c k
, W
i l l i a m
The idea o f humanity: Hermann Cohen’s legacy to phi­
losophy and theology.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America,
1987. 304 p.
a b o w i t z
, A
n n e t t e
u g e n e
a b o w i t z
Time fo r my soul: a treasury
o f Jewish stories fo r our Holy Days.
Northvale, NJ, Jason Aronson,
1987. 427 p.
Material is grouped according to seven themes, each introduced
by Torah thoughts and followed with stories gleaned from biblical,
talmudic and midrashic sources.
Lessons in Tanya: the Tanya o f Rabbi Shneur Zalman o f Liadi.
Two volumes
consecutively paged. Tr. by Levy Wineberg. Elucidated by Yosef
Wineberg. Brooklyn, NY, Kehot, 1987-8. Vol. I, Likutei Amarim,
ch. 1-34 449 p.; Vol. II, Likutei Amarim, ch. 35-53 363 p.
e v i n
, F
a i t e l
Halacha, medical science and technology: perspectives on con­
temporary halacha issues.
New York, Moznaim, 1987. 210 p.
e v y
, Z
e e v
Between Yafeth and Shem: on the relationship between Jewish
and general philosophy.
New York, P. Lang, 1987. 253 p.
e w i t t e s
, M
e n d e l l
Principles and developments o fJewish Law: the concepts
and history o f rabbinic jurisprudence from its inception to modern times.
New York, Bloch, 1987. 298 p.
i m b u r g
, J
a m e s
8c ed . Judaism: an introduction fo r Christians.
neapolis, Augsburg, 1987. 285 p. Paperbound.
u n g
, L
a r o n
e v i n e
Business ethics in Jewish Law.
New York,
Hebrew Publishing Co., 1987. 264 p.
Work utilizes sources in Bible, Talmud and rabbinic tradition.
o m i g l i a n o
, A
r n a l d o
On pagans, Jews, and Christians.
1st ed.
Middletown, CO, Wesleyan University Press, 1987. 343 p.
o r g a n
, M
i c h a e l
L., ed.
The Jewish thought o f Emil Fackenheim: a reader.
Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1987. 394 p. Paperbound.
e u s n e r
, J
a c o b
From tradition to imitation: the plan and program o f Pesiqta
Rabbati and Pesiqta deRab Kahana.
Atlanta, Scholars Press, 1987.
230 p.
From testament to Torah; an introduction to Judaism in its
formative age.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice Hall, 1988. 187 p.
Judaism; the evidence from the Mishnah.
Second edition.
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press, 1988. 620 p.
Work describes the social meaning o f the world envisioned by
the Mishnah.
Midrash in context: exegesis in formative Judaism.
GA, Scholars Press, 1988. 217 p.
The Mishnah: a new translation.
New Haven, Yale Uni­
versity Press, 1988. 1162 p.