Page 262 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 46

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r a n k e l
, W
i l l i a m
Israel; the first forty years..
New York, Charles
Scribner’s, 1987. 200 p.
A history in photographs.
i l b o a
, E
y t a n
American public opinion toward Israel and the Arab-Israeli
Lexington, MA, Lexington Books, 1987. 366 p.
Collection and analysis o f respective data reflects consistency
and stability.
r e e n b e r g
, H
a r r i e t
Israel on your own.
Lincolnwood, IL, Passport
Books, 1988. 509 p.
e r z o g
, H
a n n a
Contest of symbols: the sociology o f election campaigns
through Israel ephemera.
New York, Harvard University Library,
1987. 192 p.
Analysis o f Israel campaign ephemera.
i l l e l
, S
h l o m o
Operation Babylon.
Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1987.
302 p.
Story o f the rescue o f Iraqi Jewry and their emigration to Israel.
u n t e r
, J
a n e
Israeli foreign policy, South Africa and Central America.
Boston, MA, South End Press, 1987. 274 p.
Discusses alleged understanding and cooperation between Israel
and U.S. regarding arms and arming the mentioned countries.
s h a i
, Y
a e l
Land or peace: whither Israel?
Stanford, Calif., Hoover In­
stitution Press, 1987. 265 p.
l i e m a n
, A
a r o n
S., ed.
A return to palliatives, 1938.
New York, Garland,
1987. 476 p.
Work deals with the establishment o f Israel.
_____________, ed.
The Royal Commission report, 1937.
New York, Gar­
land, 1987. 427 p.
______________ ed.
The turn toward violence, 1920 -1929 .
New York, Gar­
land, 1987. 544 p.
_____________, ed.
Zionist evidence before the Peel Commission, 1933-1937 .
New York, Garland, 1987. 320 p.
a r c
, H
a r o l d
The archeology o f the Jerusalem area.
New York, Baker,
1987. 323 p.
Archeological history o f the Jerusalem area.
Moshe Arens, statesman and scientist, speaks out.
Ed. by Judith Featherman.
Middle Island, NY, Dean Books, 1988. 266 p.
a z
, U
z i
The birds o f Israel.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Philip Simpson.
New York, Stephen Green, 1987. 269 p.
Information about 470 species o f birds in Israel during various
seasons o f the year.
o r a t h
, Z
i p p o r a h
Letters from Jerusalem 1947 -1948 .
Jerusalem, Asso­
ciation o f Americans and Canadians in Israel, 1988. 233 p.