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American Jewish Fiction Books
p p e l f e l d
, A
h a r o n
The immortal Bartfuss.
Trans, from the Hebrew
by Jeffrey M. Green. New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988.
137 p.
A spiritual portrait o f a Holocaust survivor living in Israel, who
constantly struggles between the desire to forget and the need
to remember. He suffers in silence, distancing himself from his
wife, feebly loving his retarded daughter, and so emotionally
scarred that he is a victim o f himself.
s c h e r
, C
a r o l
Freedom, Calif.: Crossing Press, 1987. 191
p .
The Hoffmans, upper-middle-class Jewish refugees living in
Topeka, Kansas in the 1950s, experience the racial tensions caused
by the implementation o f mandatory school integration. Ten-year-
old Eva, sensitive to racial injustice, must confront the prejudices
o f guests staying with the Hoffmans after a flood destroys their
a n c o f f
, C
a r l
A forgotten man.
Ardmore, Penn.: Seth Press, distrib­
uted by the Free Press, 1987. 324 p.
Herb Klein is an American Jewish doctor serving in Vietnam
during the war. He confronts evil on several fronts, including anti-
Semitism from fellow American soldiers.
e l l o w
, S
a u l
More die o f heartbreak.
New York: William Morrow, 1987.
335 p.
The novel’s tragicomic plot revolves around Kenneth, the erratic
narrator, and his world-class botanist Uncle. However, the dilem­
ma posed by modern sexuality is no match for these brilliant minds
who find no guarantees to avoid the mistakes that can lead to
e n f o r a d o
, S
a l l y
Bring me a story.
Encino, Calif.: Floricanto Press,
1987. 66 p.
The theme o f these eleven short stories focuses on the members
o f a Sephardic community in Turkey. They are descendents o f
a group o f exiled medieval Spanish Jews some o f whom eventually
emigrate to America.
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