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ican culture. Dubinsky teams up with an old friend, a black
marketeer, with plans to make it big in America.
a d d a d
, C
a r o l y n
A mothers secret.
San Diego: Harcourt Brace
Jovanovich, 1988. 502 p.
This family drama begins with a Jewish partisan fighting in Po­
land during WWII who convinces a villager to shelter her daugh­
ter. The novel explores the powerful love o f adoptive and birth
e i n e
, H
e i n r i c h
Jewish stories and Hebrew melodies.
With a new intro­
duction by Elizabeth Petuchowski. New York: M. Wiener, 1987.
159 p.
These tales and narrative poems, previously translated from the
German, illustrate the author’s fascination with Jewish medieval
traditions and his condemnation o f anti-Semitism.
i g h
, M
o n i q u e
a p h e l
Thy father’s house.
New York: Delacorte Press,
1987. 362 p.
The young heir o f a rich and powerful French Jewish banking
family struggles for his patrimony, his marriage, and the resistance
as WWII spreads across Europe.
a n i u k
, Y
o r a m
Confessions o f a good Arab.
Trans, from the Hebrew
by Dalya Bilu. New York: Adama, 1987. 215 p.
Being part-Jewish and part-Arab, Yosef Rosenzweig/Sherara’s
dilemma is that he identifies with both sides o f a conflict. Circum­
stances force him into difficult situations despite his own aspira­
e l l e r m a n
, F
a y e
Sacred and profane.
New York: Arbor House, 1987.
311 p.
The heroine o f this detective story is an orthodox Jewish widow
whose sons discover the bodies o f two teenage girls while on a
camping trip. Contact with secular society also brings the issues
o f conversion and intermarriage home.
e n a z
, Y
e h o s h u a
After the holidays.
Trans, from the Hebrew by Dalya
Bilu. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1987. 216 p.
A deceptively simple, yet compelling tale o f the Weiss family,
immigrants from Europe living in a small farming village in
Palestine prior to WWI.
o n e c k y
, E
d i t h
Allegra Maud Goldman.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publica­
tion Society. 1987. 145 p.
Allegra is a precocious girl growing up during the Depression
in an upper-middle class Jewish family in Brooklyn. A reissue
(Harper & Row, 1976) that is part o f the Gems o f American Jewish
Literature series.
u p f e r
, F
e r n
Surviving the seasons.
New York: Delacorte Press, 1987.
327 p.