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R o t h , H e n r y .
Shifting landscape: a composite, 1925-1987.
Jewish Publication Society, 1987. 448 p.
A collection of the author’s stories, essays, speeches and mem­
oirs, interspersed with excerpts of letters and interviews.
S c h w a r t z , H o w a r d .
Lilith’s cave: Jewish tales of the supernatural.
I l lu s .
b y U r i S h u l e v i t z . S a n F r a n c i s c o : H a r p e r & R o w ,
1987. 320
p .
Tales of the supernatural from rabbinic sources, medieval Jew­
ish folklore, hasidic texts and the oral traditions of European and
Middle Eastern Jewry.
S c l i a r , M o a c y r .
The strange nation of Rafael Mendes.
Trans, from the
Portuguese by Eloah F. Giacomelli. New York: Harmony Books,
1987. 309 p.
History, fiction and modern world realism blend together d u r ­
ing a catastrophic day in the life of a Brazilian businessman which
results in a quest for his previously unknown Jewish heritage.
S h a b t a i , Y a a k o v .
Past perfect.
Trans, from the Hebrew by Dalya Bilu;
with an afterword by Edna Shabtai. New York: Viking, 1987.
291 p.
Struggling to come to terms with his own mortality, Meir, a
middle-aged engineer from Tel Aviv, searches for adventure as
he retraces the happier days of his youth. The novel received the
prestigious Agnon Prize when published posthumously in Israel
in 1984.
S h o l e m A l e i c h e m .
Tevye the dairyman and the railroad stories.
Trans, from
the Yiddish by Hillel Halkin. New York: Schocken Books, 1987.
309 p.
The Tevye tales reflect the good humor and faith that see Tevye
and his daughters through various tragedies. This is the initial
volume of a new Library of Yiddish Classics series edited by Ruth
R. Wisse.
S i n c l a i r ,
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1987.
348 p.
The classic tale of Jacob Braunowitz, an immigrant, whose en­
thusiasm to assimilate into American culture results in a loss of
his ethnicity, his religion and even his name. A reissue (Harper,
1946) that is part of the Gems of American Jewish Literature se­
S t r a u s , D o r o t h e a .
The birthmark.
New York: George Braziller, 1987.
206 p.
Nicholas Bloch’s sister relates the story of their estrangement
which parallels her brother’s alienation from the rest of his family
and the Jewish people.
T h o e n e , B o d i e .
The return to Zion.
Minneapolis, Minn.: Bethany House,
1987. 343 p.