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Jewish Juvenile Books
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* A
d l e r
, D
a v i d
A .
The number on my grandfather’s arm.
Photos by Rose
Eichenbaum. New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congrega­
tions, 1987. 28 p. (5-9)
A grandfather who is a survivor o f the Holocaust answers his
little granddaughter’s question about how the numbers got on his
arm. An appropriate first book on the Holocaust.
We remember the Holocaust.
Photos from Yad Vashem
and personal photos. New York, Henry Holt, 1988. 96 p. (9-12)
Memories o f the Holocaust by more than twenty-five survivors,
including Ruth Bestman. Bibliography, index. Skillfully edited and
Jewish holiday fun.
Rockville, MD, Kar-Ben Copies, 1987.
64 p. pb (5-10)
A holiday activity book that includes fifty-two separate activities
— word finds, poems, puzzles, jokes, mazes, scrambles, rebuses,
riddles and brain-teasers.
A le x , M a r le e . Outstanding women o f the Bible series.
by Tiziana Gironi);
(Illus. by A lfonso Ruano); and
(Illus. by Charles Barat). Michigan, Eerdman’s,
(English ed i­
32 p. (4-10)
Three beautifully illustrated books about biblical heroines: Es­
ther, Ruth, and Sarah, which — although retold in contemporary
language — are still faithful to the original stories.
* C
a r m i
, G
i o r a
And Shira imagined.
Illus. by the author. Phila., PA,
Jewish Publication Society, 1988, unp. (3-8)
While Shira and her family visit the Israel illustrated in black
and white, Shira imagines the Israel illustrated in full-color (an
Israel inhabited by Shira’s stuffed animals). Intended as an intro­
duction to Israel for young children, the “imaginary” part will
need some interpreting.
* C
h a i k i n
, M
i r i a m
A nightmare in history: the Holocaust 1933-1945 .
tos and prints. New York, Clarion, 1987. 150 p. (10-14)
Chaikin provides a history o f anti-Semitism and catalogs its
*Outstanding books have been asterisked.
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