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e r b e r
, M
e r r i l l
o a n
Also Known as Sadzia! the belly dancer!
New York,
Harper, 1987. 192 p. (10-14)
Slightly contrived, but lots o f fun. A too fat teen successfully
rebels against her mother’s domination. To her surprise, the teen,
“Sadzia,” develops into a talented belly-dancer and finds herself
performing for her mother’s Sisterhood. A Yiddish grandma-type
is on hand to give advice.
e v i r t z
, E
l i e z e r
The mystery o f the missing bar mitzvah gift.
Illus. by
Y . E .
Taub. Spring Valley,
N Y ,
Feldheim, 1987. 191 p. (10-14)
When Binyamin refuses rich, obnoxious Meir’s invitation to his
bar mitzvah, because he, Binyamin, had already promised to at­
tend shy, quiet Shmuel’s bar mitzvah on the same day, Meir takes
revenge — only to be foiled by Binyamin’s detective work. Car­
icatures o f characters, but a good detective story that stresses Jew­
ish values.
o l d s t e i n
- A
l p e r n
, N
e v a
Ying-Ling does mitzvot
(Learning with Ying
Ling Series); and
The beginning o f the world
(Tiny Tanach Series).
Both illus. by Heather Grey. Spring Valley, NY, Feldheim, 1987.
unp. board books. (2-4)
Ying-Ling (yingele?) and parents are cuddly pandas who live
a traditional Jewish life.
The beginning o f the world
is a beautifully
illustrated portrayal o f each day o f the first week o f the world,
and manages to convey a feeling o f vastness on a 4"x6" page. Both
books are welcome additions for toddler to pre-school children,
who will most surely relate to Ying-Ling.
r o s s
, D
a v i d
A justice fo r all the people: Louis D. Brandeis.
Illus. with
photos. New York, Dutton/Lodestar, 1987. 128 p. (10-14)
A serviceable biography o f a man who fought for social justice,
found his Jewish identity in his fifties and from then on became
a Zionist leader.
a l p e r n
, C
h a i k y
Mihu the detective and the mystery of the blue budgie.
(Sifrei Rimon series). Spring Valley, NY, Feldheim, 1987. unp.
As Hillel and his dad affix the mezuzot to their new house,
their bird flies away. Two children find it, but because they cannot
figure out what it is saying, they do not know where to return
it; so they consult Mihu, who solves the mystery.
a y w a r d
, L
i n d a
Bible stories from the Old Testament.
Illus. by Katherine
Dietz Colville. New York, Grosset, 1987. 96 p. (5-9)
Nothing christological here, except the “O.T.” in the title, but
the stories are pared down, omitting some characters and occur­
rences. Includes tales from Genesis, Exodus, Samuel and part o f
the lives o f David, Daniel, Job, Jonah and Joshua. Smooth nar­
rative, attractive format, expressive illustrations.