Page 280 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 46

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a y w a r d
, L
i n d a
Noah’s ark
(Step into reading series). Illus. by Freire
Wright. New York, Random, 1987. 32 p. (5-6 readers; 2-5 listeners)
A beginning reader with large print format that will satisfy the
early first grader.
i l d e b r a n d t
, G
r e g
Treasures o f Chanukah.
Illus. by the author.
Parsipanny, NJ, Unicorn, 1987. unp. (7-up)
An elaborately glamorous children’s coffee table book illustrated
in a virtuoso, melodramatic style; each page bordered in teal and
gold with gold endpapers. Why English Victorian family settings?
Includes the story o f the Maccabees, songs, poems and prayers
for Hanukkah.
* K
i p n i s s
, L
e v i n
Illus. by Zev Raban. Trans, from the He­
brew by Hazel Arieli. New York, Adama, 1987. 58 p. (4-10)
This book is a treasure. First published in Berlin in 1923, the
original art has been carefully reproduced. Each page contains
a verse by Kipniss in vowelled Hebrew and English, faced by a
large gold framed calligraphied letter topped with an appropriate
* K
r a n t z
, H
a z e l
Daughter o f my people: Henrietta Szold and Hadassah
(Jewish Biography series). New York, Dutton/Lodestar, 1987. 117
p. (10-14)
At age 49, Miss Szold organized her American Study Group
ladies into a Zionist organ for supplying medical personnel and
supplies to Palestine. At age 70, she battled tremendous obstacles
to obtain refuge for Jewish children escaping from Nazi Germany.
Noble woman, fine biography.
* K
u s k i n
, K
a r l a
Jerusalem, shining still.
Illus. by David Frampton. New
York, Harper, 1987. 27 p. (7-10)
In verse-like prose, Kuskin reveals Jerusalem’s majesty and im­
portance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Reviews its history
and touches on its troubled present. Decorative, telling woodcuts.
* L
e v i n
, C
a r o l
A Rosh-Hashanah walk.
Illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn.
Rockville, MD, Kar-Ben Copies, 1987. 32 p. (4-8)
Children take a “tashlich” walk. On their way to flowing waters
they recall the year’s misdeeds. Levin’s engaging rhymes spice
Kahn’s interesting collage illustrations that combine photos o f
Brooklyn brownstones and New York skyline, papercut, and paint­
ing. In brown and blue tones, it is novel and charming.
* L
e v i t i n
, S
o n i a
The return.
New York, Atheneum, 1987. 183 p.
(1 1-up)
A dramatic docunovel o f an Ethiopian Jewish family’s perilous
flight to Israel with excellent characterizations and a love story.