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i t t l e
, E
m i l y
David and the giant
(Step into reading series). Illus. by
Hans Wilhelm. New York, Random, 1987. 32 p. (5-6 readers; 2-5
Another in the series for beginning readers tells the story and
has some humor. Will appeal to first-graders with its theme o f
the power o f the weak over the mighty.
a t h a n
, J
o a n
The childrens Jewish holiday kitchen.
New York, Schocken,
1987. 127 p. (4-10)
Nathan discusses religious traditions and worldwide variations
on Jewish holiday fare as she describes how to share family food
preparation. Arranged chronologically, beginning with Shabbat.
Sample menus, translation o f prayers, explanations o f customs,
recipes, crafts, etc. Spiral-bound.
m e r
, D
e v o r a h
Once there was a Hasid.
Illus. by Aaron Shevo. New
York, Adama, 1987. (7-11)
Pleasant retelling o f four hasidic tales: “Birth o f the Bal-Shem
Tov”; “The Story o f the Sorcerer Valkilak”; “The Horse Who
Brought a Treasure”; and “The Candle That Burned All Night.”
Cheerful illustrations, weak binding.
e t e r s e i l
, Y
a a k o v
The gang o f four: Kung-Fooey to the rescue.
N Y ,
Simcha Publishing, 1988. 184 p. (8-12)
A madcap American family is “on vacation” in Israel. Actually,
the father is a computer expert and cryptologist. Israel’s security
is at stake and so is the security o f the children, the Gang o f Four,
but terrorists do not stand a chance with this group.
o s e n b l u m
, R
i c h a r d
My sister’s wedding.
Illus. by the author. New
York, Morrow Jr., 1987. 32 p. (7-10)
The author’s sister married a serviceman during World War
II. Illustrations show a traditional Jewish wedding with the groom
in uniform. Witty text and illustrations.
o g a s k y
, BARBARA . Smo^
and ashes: the story of the Holocaust.
Illus. with
photos, maps. New York, Holiday, 1988. 92 p. (10-16)
A comprehensive history o f the Holocaust which includes chap­
ters on: Nazis and Jews in Germany and other countries; the ghet­
to; deportations; the camps; resistance and rescue; the reaction
o f other countries; the uniqueness o f the Holocaust and justice.
Complements, but does not substitute for Chaikin’s
A nightmare
in history,
which is more personal, emotional, and has additional
information on the history o f anti-Semitism.
* R
o t h
- H
a n o
, R
e n e e
Touch wood: a girlhood in occupied France.
York: Four Winds/Macmillan, 1988. 256 p. (11-up)
A gripping diary o f three young sisters who are sent to live
in a Normandy convent during the occupation o f France. Filled
with memorable portraits o f good and evil French men and worn-