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en, and portrayals o f convent life. Also records the sisters’ increas­
ing confusion about their religious identity, the budding into ad­
olescence o f the oldest and subtle changes in the other sisters as
well. Simple, honest, compelling.
c h i l d e r
, R
o s a l i n d
Dayenu or how uncle Murray saved the Seder.
by Katherine J. Kahn. Rockville, MD, Kar-Ben Copies, 1988. 32
p. (4-8)
Preparing for a Seder is lots o f work. Uncle Murray and Aunt
Helene opt to skip many steps in the preparations, but somehow
things get out o f control and soon all the steps have been com­
pleted and the Seder is enjoyed by all. Fun.
* S
c h n u r
, S
t e v e n
The return o fMorris Schumsky.
Illus. by Victor Lazzaro.
New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congregations, 1987. 44
p. (8-12)
Grandpa disappears the morning o f his granddaughter’s wed­
ding. When he reappears, it is with special guests he has invited,
guests who enhance a most unusual, memorable, and meaningful
* S
e g a l
, L
o r e
From Adam to Moses.
b y
Leonard Baskin. New York,
Knopf/Random, 1987. 144 p. (10-14)
A retelling o f the first five books o f the Bible preserves the
language, adds no new material, and deletes extraneous passages
that obstruct the narrative flow, thus making the text more ac­
cessible to youthful readers.
* S
h a m i r
, I
l l a n a
h l o m o
a v i t
The young readers encyclopedia of
Jewish history.
New York, Viking/Kestrel, 1987. 125 p. (10-up)
An excellent overview o f Jewish history since 5000 B.C.E. that
includes important names and places. Exceptionally well organized
with good quality color reproductions, maps and other graphics
integrated into the well written text. Timeline places Jewish history
into the context o f world history. Glossary, Index.
h e h e e n
, D
e n n i s
A child’s picture dictionary: English!Hebrew.
New York, Adama, 1987. unp. (4-8)
A large format alphabet book dictionary from English to He­
brew that has brightly colored illustrations o f simple objects and
words, but no transliterated Hebrew words. Both the hard and
soft sounds o f the letter are illustrated, where applicable. Preceded
in 1986 by
A Child’s Picture Dictionary: English/Yiddish.
i d i
. S
m a d a r
h i r
The dreidel champ and other holiday stories.
Illus. by
June Evers. Transl. from the Hebrew by Judith Labensohn. New
York, Adama, 1987. 120 p. (8-10)
Rather mediocre stories, except for “The Authentic Clown,” cen­
tered on various Jewish holidays as: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur,