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Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover and Shavuot. Colored pencil
illustrations in an attractive format.
i d o n
, E
p h r i a m
The animated Megillah: a Purim adventure.
by Rony Oren. Middle Village, Queens, Scopus/Jonathan David,
1987. unp. (6-11)
Those clay Jews are back again on another science-fiction ad­
venture. This time they travel back to Shushan with a 20th century
tape recorder and camera to help Esther and Mordechai save the
Jews. All illustrations are photographs o f the three-dimensional
clay figures. No videotape for this one, yet.
i l v e r m a n
, M
a i d a
Festival o f lights: the story o f Hanukkah',
o ffreedom: the story o f Passover.
Both illus. by C.S. Ewing. New York,
Simon & Schuster/Wanderer (pb)/Little Simon (he), 1987 and
1988. unp (6-10)
Inexpensive, nicely designed books with full-color traditional re­
alistic illustrations on each page. Simple, short sentences convey
the drama o f the
story. Translated and transliterated
song, Maoz Zur; candle-lighting directions and instructions for
playing dreidle. The
story is sensitively retold and has
luminous expressive watercolor illustrations. Includes the Seder,
recipes and songs. Useful for both Jewish and non-Jewish children.
* S
o f e r
, B
a r b a r a
Kids love Israel and Israel loves kids; a travel guide fo r
Illus. with photos. Rockville, MD, Kar-Ben Copies, 1988.
256 p. sturdy binding. (All ages)
A travel-guide that every family going to Israel, or planning
a trip there someday, will want. Tips on planning the trip: how
to introduce your children to the geography and culture o f Israel;
what to bring; private guides; health care; transportation; money;
phone calls; laundry; food; sponsoring organizations and much,
much more. Maps, index, appendices.
t e i n e r
, C
o n n i e
o l k e r
On eagles wings and other things.
Illus. by the
author. Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1987. unp (5-9)
A picture book about “the ingathering” o f Jews from the Di­
aspora — Yemen, Tunisia, the United States and Europe. Possibly
confusing, since the narrative travels from country to country,
showing each home country, each one’s leave-taking, each one’s
journey, and each one’s arrival. Impressionistic illustrations.
a i l
, J
o h n
J .
David Ben-Gurion
(World leaders past & present). New
York, Chelsea House, 1987. 112 p. (10-14)
As much a study o f Israel as Ben-Gurion. Describes his early
emigration to Palestine in 1906 and his emergence as a Zionist
leader in the 1920s-1930s. Depicts his role as a great military strat­
egist who outwitted the Arabs in the 1948 War o f Independence.