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Anthology o f Yiddish folksongs.
Jerusalem, Th e Hebrew University o f
Jerusalem, 1987. Vol. 4: [45], 285, xiii p., illus., music. (Mount
Scopus Publcations by the Magnes Press) [Compilers]: Aharon
Vinkovetzky, Abba Kovner, Sinai Leichter.
Includes songs o f struggle and resistance, ghetto and partisan
songs, religious and national songs, Zionist songs. Final vol. o f a
trilingual (Yiddish, Hebrew, English) edition. Vol.I was published
in 1983.
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L u d e n , I s a a c .
Pearls o f paradise; essays on art and artists.
Tel Aviv, H.
Leivik, 1987. 326 p., illus.
Contents: 1. Insights into the garden o f art. 2. Artists who
made history. 3. Jewish artists around the world. 4. Th e plastic
arts in Israel.
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K o v e lm a n , Y i s r o f . l .
Notes on Jewish graphic arts and painting.
Sovetski Pisatel, 1987. 58 p. (Library o f “ Sovetish heymland”, 9
Articles on Jewish graphic artists who were active in Russia
before and after the Revolution.
R u b i n s t e i n , M o r d e c h a i .
Die greinizraisser: unser “umlegaler” weg fun
goles kein “Jsroel” (1944-1949).
Holon, [Author], 1986. 87 p., illus.,
music, ports.
Songs, poems and memoirs by a Holocaust survivor who was
born in Czernowitz and who now lives in Israel. Yiddish in Latin