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Contents: Vol. 1. Writers and works, Hasidism. Vol. 2. Essays,
Memoirs, Hebrew, Th e author is an Israeli Yiddish writer and
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S t e i n b e r g , A a r o n .
Ideas in harmony; a selection.
Haifa, Haifa University
Press, 1987. 312 p., port. Edited with an introduction by Shalom
Contents: Th e Jew and the world, Jewish culture and thought,
Yiddish literature, Philosophical essays, People and deeds. Th e
author died in 1971.
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.rxp mn r s nanpn ny” : x o’a
* H a r k a v y , A l e x a n d e r .
Yiddish-English-Hebrew dictionary
New York,
Schocken, with the Y IV O Institute for Jewish Research, 1988.
Reprint o f the 1928 expanded edition, with a new preface by
Dovid Katz.
185.1987 ,[xmxnxD] .nianytnyn nytf’^ay-ern” nyennyo^oaxno .n
H a r d u f , D a v i d M f . n d e l .
Transliterated Yiddish-English dictionary.
Willowdale, Ontario, Harduf Hebrew Books, 1987. 185 p., illus.
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P r i b l u d a , A v r o m .
On the history o f Jewish family names.
Sovetski Pisatel, 1987. 58 p. (Library o f “ Sovetish heymland,” 6
Posthumous collection o f 10 studies by a Soviet Jewish
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Z f a t m a n , S a r a h .
The marriage o f a mortal man and a she-demon; the trans­
formations o f a motif in the folk narrative o f Ashkenazi Jewry in the