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JWB Jewish Book Council
w a s a y e a r
characterized by the successful expansion
o f the Jewish Book Council program calendar. The quality o f
individual projects was significantly upgraded and a wider au­
dience was reached.
We started the year participating in two successful book fes­
tivals —
New York is Book Country
The SecondJewish Heritage
Book Festival.
The Book Council initiated two new conferences:
A Jewish Childrens’ Book Symposium in November and a Jew­
ish Book Distribution Conference in April. Under the leader­
ship o f President Abraham J. Kremer, our role has been ex­
panded in Jewish book publishing and was seen as a catalyst
for change in the community.
The Council participated in
New York Is Book Country
on Sep­
tember 20th, 1987. We distributed hundreds o f posters and
Book Council program materials and the response was enthu­
The Second Jewish Heritage Book Fair,
sponsored by the Asso­
ciated YM -YWHAs o f Greater New York, had 113 exhibitors
and was attended by more than 15,000 people — both increases
from the previous year’s figures. The exhibitors at the Fair,
which was held in New York City on November 8th and 9th,
1987, included publishers, booksellers, and Jewish organiza­
tions. The JWB Jewish Book Council and the JWB Lecture Bu­
reau shared a booth, and distributed literature about their ac­
The Fair also included ten author programs and continuous
live entertainment. Among the authors speaking were Herbert