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The Orphaned Adult
by Marc Angel explores a subject all too
often overlooked in a society concerned with explaining death
to children: the ways in which adults confront the death o f
parents. Solidly based in Jewish tradition, the book covers every
facet o f the relationship between elderly parents and their adult
children, and offers guidance in dealing with “ the dying proc­
ess,” siblings, and cemeteries. Most important, it offers comfort
and reassurance to help the reader prepare for facing the in­
a r a h
a n d
u l iu s
u s h n e r
e m o r ia l
w a r d
by Dr. Jacob Kabakoff.
Medieval Jewish Seals from Europe,
by Daniel M. Friedenberg
(Wayne State University Press)
Medieval Jewish Seals from Europe
by Daniel M. Friedenberg
gathers together for the first time in one volume all extant me­
dieval Jewish seals from Europe. In the medieval period, Jews
signed official documents with specially designed signatures,
called seals, that were impressed on wax and affixed to the
documents. Jewish seals often contained Hebrew inscriptions
and Jewish symbols, making this volume an important contri­
bution to the history o f Jewish art and thought. The seals are
handsomely reproduced, the scholarship is impeccable, and the
physical production o f the volume is excellent.
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L. G
i l d e s g a m e
w a r d
presented by Esther Nussbaum.
TheJewish Image in American Film,
by Lester D. Friedman (Citadel
A concise overview o f the depiction o f Jewish characters and
subjects precedes the chronological in-depth analysis by Lester
D. Friedman in
The Jewish Image in American Film,
with the silent screen era and concluding with motion pictures
produced in 1985. Each decade’s films are discussed historically
and thematically, with regard to their Jewish content. Many
photographs o f film scenes are reproduced throughout the
book, o ffering a fascinating visual record as well. The tremen­
dous impact o f the films on the world view o f Jews and Jewish
life as well as on Jewish self-consciousness educates the reader
as to how the medium has created the message.