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face unrecognizable. At the novel’s ending, the narra tor listens
to the eulogies over his uncle’s grave. To the speakers, the life
of the deceased has taken on the iconic role of past martyrs
whose deaths were “invested in life.” While the narrator does
not depart from that public pronouncement, his identity is
made more intimate and vital by referring to himself as the
only one in the assembly as “within the degree of mourning.”
That Klein wished to transmute that scene of personal loss and
deprivation into a promise of national spiritual rejuvenation is
made clear in the prose narrative’s closing lines:
Uncle Melech was brought to his final rest. The crowds dis­
persed. I turned for the last time from the city o f Safed, holy
city on whose hills once were kindled, as now again, the beacons
announcing new moons, festivals, and set times.
Such closure, with its announcement of immanence, of the
consoling reintegration of modern Jewish catastrophe into the
eternally recurring calendar of belief, can stand for Klein’s ep­
itaph as well. The very assertion of a unity in faith — uttered
by a sceptic — underlies a passionate writing life dedicated to
refashioning for a dispersed people the remembered world
which still contained the redemptive seeds of the holy.
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