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The classified catalog of a major Judaica library is, of course,
a directional reference tool
par excellence.
Obviously, the section
of the Jewish National and University Library’s classified catalog
on Eretz-Israel and the State of Israel is probably the most com­
plete. It is now available (until ca. 1980) on microfiche from
the Inter Documentation Company AG of Zug, Switzerland,
the leading producer of Judaica collections on microform. The
cards are arranged according to the Judaica classification sched­
ule developed at the JNUL — an expansion of the Dewey Dec­
imal Classification — which can be acquired as a printed sup­
plement to the microfiches from IDC.
Retrospective bibliographies dealing with some subject of
Eretz-Israel are too numerous to list here except by way of ex­
ample. They may be separately published items or appear in
journals and other edited anthologies. And, of course, many
scholarly monographs include extensive bibliographies, the by­
product of the authors’ research.
We will briefly mention a few examples of such separately
published bibliographies, chosen to emphasize the diversity of
a) Devorah Dimant, Menahem Mor and Uriel Rappaport,
liography of Works on Jewish History in the Persian, Hellenistic and
Roman Periods: Publications of the Years 1981-1985.
This is a con­
tinuation of three previous lists, one (1946-1970) in an edited
volume and the other two (1971-1975 and 1976-1980) as in­
dependently published volumes, b) Nathan Schur,
Jerusalem in
Pilgrims and Travellers’Accounts: A Thematic Bibliography of West­
ern Christian Itineraries, 1300-1917.
c) Yaakov Amrami,
Bibliography: NILI,
“Brit Ha-Biryonim,”Irgun Zvai Leumi, Lohamey
Herut Yisrael
(Hebrew), d) Shimon Shur,
Research on the Kibbutz:
A Bibliography
(Hebrew), e) Sammy Smooha and Ora Cibulski,
Social Research on Arabs in Israel 1948-1977: Trends and an An­
notated Bibliography,
and its continuation: Sammy Smooha,
Research on Arabs in Israel 1977-1982.
Retrospective bibliographies published in journals or in
edited volumes are even more numerous. Again, we shall note
but random examples from three different periods in the his­
tory of Eretz-Israel: Giora Bassin, “Herod and his Times: An
Annotated Bibliography” (Hebrew); Ruth P. Goldschmidt-