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Lehmann, “Jerusalem and its Jews, 1517-1799: a Classified Se­
lected Bibliography” (Hebrew); Rivka Demsky and Ora Zimmer,
“America and the Holy Land: A Select Bibliography of Pub­
lications in English.” Mention should also be made of the ten-
History of Eretz-Israel
(Hebrew). Annotated bibliogra­
phies are appended to each volume of this series.
There are literally hundreds of such retrospective bibliogra­
phies. Shlomo Shunami recorded approximately 200 in the sec­
ond edition of his
Bibliography of Jewish Bibliographies
in 1965. In the supplemenatry volume published in 1975 he
recorded an additional ca. 160 items — the number almost dou­
bled in ten years! Thirteen years later, in 1988, we are unable
to present a checked statistical summation as there has been
no continuation of Shunami’s important compilation, but a re­
alistic estimate would be between 2.5 or 3 times the 360 items
noted by Shunami until 1975.
Indexes to periodicals are an important category of direction­
al type reference works. Since there is as yet no overall peri­
odicals index devoted exclusively to Eretz-Israel and Zionism
to replace the long-defunct
Palestine and Zionism,
we shall briefly
mention three indexes of a more general nature.
The first,
Index of Articles onJewish Studies
(Hebrew), popularly
known as
from a contraction of its Hebrew title, is pro­
duced as an annual by the Jewish National and University Li­
brary. Articles are culled from periodicals and edited volumes
in all fields of Judaic Studies in the broadest sense of that term
and in all languages. The annual listings are arranged by sec­
tions and sub-sections. The two relevant for our discussion are
Eretz-Israel and the State of Israel, in addition to the sub-section
“History of Zionism” listed under Jewish History (Outside
Eretz-Israel). The annual volumes are also supplied with an
even more specific subject index. Unfortunately, as with
there is a time lag of 1-2 years. It should be noted that
from the outset (1969, covering the year 1966), editorial policy
has been to
the articles to be included, though it would
seem that the criteria have been lowered in recent years and
there is now much less selection.
Since 1977, the Haifa University Library has been editing