Page 57 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 46

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Index to Hebrew Periodicals
(Hebrew). This important tool,
arranged alphabetically by authors and subject headings, with
a separate section devoted to book reviews, indexes about 220
Hebrew periodicals from cover to cover. It does not include
daily newspapers, not even their weekend editions. As indicated
by its title, it also does not include edited volumes. The index
is printed annually with a delay of about one year by the Center
for Public Libraries in Israel, but users at the Haifa University
Library have on-line access to the cumulated data base from
1977 to date. Haifa University Library also produces for sub­
scribers a microfiche edition
by subject headings only
six times
annually which cumulate with each issue, the last being the an­
nual cumulation. It has recently provided its subscribers with
a cumulation for 1977-1986 on 18 microfiches by subject head­
ings only. Needless to say, much of what is published in Hebrew
periodicals is relevant to the study of Eretz-Israel and the State
of Israel.
The gap left by the University of Haifa’s
is partially
filled by the Tel Hai Regional Library which also serves as the
library of the Tel Hai Regional College. This institution has
been indexing some of Israel’s Hebrew dailies since 1969. They
have now produced a 1969-1984 cumulation on ca. 400 micro­
fiches using the University of Haifa Library’s subject headings.
This data has been recorded in the Haifa University Library’s
computer to produce another data base. Annual indexes are
due to follow. Again, much of what is indexed is relevant to
the study of the State of Israel during the past two decades,
but many of the news items and articles are also of historical
interest, touching upon earlier periods. Work has recently been
suspended for lack of funds.
The Central Library of Bar-Ilan University has recently be­
gun to index the weekend (Friday) edition supplements of
Ha’aretz, Davar, Yediot Aharonot, Ma’ariv, Al-Hamishmar, Hatzofe
Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi in Jerusalem has prepared a joint index
to only those items dealing with Eretz-Israel in three of the
early newspapers:
(1856-1903) and
(1863-1864; 1870-1911). This very
detailed index to important primary sources for the history of
during the late 19th and early 20th centuries has
been produced on five microfiches and will soon be commer-