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history o f E re tz -Israe l. F rom th e ir title it is ev iden t th a t they
do no t dea l with such subjects th a t d a te from be fo re the late
n in e te en th c en tu ry . T h e new encyc loped ia ed ited by R appe l
an d R a p p a p o r t desc r ibed above devo tes only p a r t o f its en tr ie s
to even ts an d te rm s , an d does no t t re a t the p o s t -1914 history
o f E re tz-Israe l.
In fo rm a t io n fo r all p e r iod s o f E re tz -Israe l h isto ry from Bible
times to th e 1980’s is g raph ically p re sen ted , with sh o r t accom ­
pany ing texts, in C a r ta Pub lishe rs’ two sets o f h istorical atlases.
Carta's Atlas o f Eretz-Israel
(H ebrew ) is com p le te in 5 volumes
( inc lud ing an index volume).
Carta's Atlas o f Israel
(Hebrew )
b rings the h isto ry o f the S tate o f Israe l u p to 1980 in 4 volumes,
inc lud ing an index volume. C a r ta is also the pub lish e r o f Dan
B ah a t’s
Historical Atlas o f Jerusalem
in H ebrew an d English ed i­
tions. English h is to r ian M artin G ilbert, known fo r his b iog raphy
o f W inston Chu rch ill, has co n tr ib u ted a series o f historical a t ­
lases on Jew ish them es , one o f them be ing
Jerusalem: Illustrated
History Atlas.
A classic, o f ten -quo ted work is A ryeh Leib F rum k in ,
o f the Sages o f Jerusalem
(Hebrew ), a b iog raph ica l com p end ium
a r ra n g e d chronologically , an d thus d ifficu lt to use. Eliezer
Rivlin pub lished a p h o to - re p ro d u c e d ed ition in 1969, with su p ­
p lem en ta ry in fo rm a tion an d indexes. T h o u g h th e indexes leave
m uch to be de s ired , as they list the subjects o f the b iog raph ies
by th e ir first names, they ad d greatly to the efficacy o f this
basic tool.
Yaakov Gelis has p rov id ed us with a m o re m o d e rn
pedia o f the Sages o f Eretz-Israel
(Hebrew ). Chronologically , it cov­
ers sages, au th o rs , rabbis,
dayanim, shadarim
, etc. who lived be­
tween 940-1940 , b u t does no t inc lude o th e r public figures. T h e
a r ra n g em en t is alphabe tical by first nam e , b u t an index by fam ­
ily nam e allows fo r speedy iden tifica tion an d re trieval. Some
7. A revised English version o f the first two volumes, from the earliest periods
to the second century C.E., has been published as: Yohanan Aharoni and
Michael Avi-Yonah,
The Macmillan Bible Atlas,
rev. ed., New York:
Macmillan, 1977. This edition contains significant revisions, on the basis
o f recent archaeological digs, especially in what pertains to old Jerusalem,
over the Hebrew volumes published in 1964 and 1966.