Page 69 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 46

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vol. 4 by Menahem Kaufman and Mira Levine. Volume 1 was
published by Arno Press.
Guide to the Archives in Israel,
ed. P.A. Alsberg. Jerusalem: Israel Ar­
chives Association, 1973.
S c h u r , N a t h a n .
Jerusalem in Pilgrims' and Travellers' Accounts: A The­
matic Bibliography o f Western Christian Itineraries, 1300-1917 .
salem: Ariel, 1980.
“A Selected and Annotated Bibliography for [year] : The History o f
Zionism and the State o f Israel,”
Studies in Zionism: An International
Journal of Social, Political and Intellectual History.
Published in the
Autumn issue o f each volume and covering the previous year.
The bibliographies for 1979-1984 were compiled by Judith Carpi,
that for 1985 by Rachel Sadinsky, and that for 1986 by Chava
Dinner and Yohai Goell.
S m o o h a , Samm y
O r a C i b u l s k i .
Social Research on Arabs in Israel
1948-1977: Trends and an Annotated Bibliography.
Ramat-Gan: Tur­
tledove Pub. 1978.
S m o o h a , Samm y .
Social Research on Arabs in Israel 1977-1982: A Bib­
Haifa: University o f Haifa, 1984.