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o f America. All in all, the holdings o f the Hebraic Section will
be utilized to illuminate the many-faceted contribution o f the
Jews to the realm o f the spirit.
The Library o f Congress plans to make its exhibit o f Jewish
treasures available also to several cities th roughou t North Amer­
ica. It will thus demonstrate once again its role as a national
resource for the study o f the Jewish heritage.
We note sadly the passing o f Eisig Silberschlag on September
30, 1988 and o f Abraham Berger on March 14, 1989. A Hebrew
poet and educator, Dr. Silberschlag was the au tho r o f numerous
works and translations and contributed many essays to these
pages. Dr. Berger served for many years as chief o f the New
York Public Library’s Jewish Division and was a member o f the
editorial advisory committee o f the Annual as well as a con­
tribu tor to its pages. We take p ride in the fact that Dr. Sol
Liptzin, who resides in Jerusalem and who is to observe his
90th birthday in 1991, has been awarded the Emma Shaver
Prize for his contribution to Yiddish literature and culture. Dr.
Liptzin, a form er editor o f the Annual and a member o f its
editorial advisory commitee, also served as president o f the JWB
Jewish Book Council.
O u r p ro found thanks go to all the contributors who have
enriched ou r volume with their articles and studies and have
helped maintain its traditional trilingual character. The seven
bibliographies, which offer listings o f our literary ou tpu t in
America, England and Israel, cover broadly the period between
April 15, 1988 and April 15, 1989. We owe ou r gratitude to
the bibliographers who have once again placed us in their debt.
We again express ou r appreciation to the JWB for sponsoring
the activities and publications o f the Jewish Book Council. We
are pleased to acknowledge the support o f the Lucius N.
L ittauer Foundation and the contributions o f the Jacob and
Hilda Blaustein Foundation, the Morris J. and Betty Kaplun
Foundation , the I. Edward Kiev Foundation , the Jo seph
Meyerhoff Fund, and the Irving and Bertha Neuman Foun­