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the author’s erudition, sensitivity and engaging literary style.
It was responsive to the needs and interests of his audience.
Its impact on the Judeo-Spanish-speaking Jews was profound
and lasting.
It is a tribute to Rabbi Huli that his work has now been trans­
lated into Hebrew and English and that it is still finding a large
audience today. Those who are not part of the Judeo-Spanish
tradition now have the opportunity to learn from one of the
great folk teachers of the Sephardim of Turkey.
On the 300th anniversary of his birth, Rabbi Huli is remem­
bered for his loving concern for his people, his devotion to
Torah, his genuine piety, his empathy for the poor and down­
trodden. That his teachings are now reaching and inspiring an
ever-widening audience is a tribute to his genius. The man who
was among the greatest teachers of the Sephardim of the Ot­
toman Empire is now also recognized as an important teacher
for all Jewry.
The first edition o f the
Meam Loez
in Judeo-Spanish was published in Istanbul
(Constantinople), 1730. It went into various subsequent editions. The Hebrew
Yalkut Meam Loez,
was prepared by Shemuel Yerushalmi. Its volumes
were published in Jerusalem, 5727-5732. The English translation o f a number
o f volumes was prepared by Aryeh Kaplan under the title,
The Torah Anthology.
The first volume o f the series was published in New York, 1977, and subsequent
volumes have appeared regularly. Rabbi Kaplan, who died several years ago
while in his late 40 ’s, was a gifted scholar and translator very much in the spirit
o f Rabbi Huli.
An edition o f the
Meam Loez
(Bereshit) was produced in Spain by David
Gonzalo Maeso and Pascual Pascual Recuero. In Latin letters, it was published
in Madrid, in three volumes, 1964, 1969, 1970.
In 1970, the Foundation for the Advancement o f Sephardic Studies and Cul­
ture, New York City, published a tract “In Search o f our Sephardic Roots,”
prepared by David N. Barocas. It included material by Professor M.J.
Benardete, Rabbi Nissim Gambach, and Mrs. Paul Benardete.
M.D. Gaon wrote a piece in Hebrew entitled,
Maskiyyot Levav al Meam Loez,
Jerusalem, 5693, 68 pp. Louis Landau wrote an article,
“Itsuvah shel ha-Aggadah
ha-Darshanit be-Sefer Meam Loez",
in Issachar Ben-ami, ed.,
The Sephardi and Ori­
ental Jewish Heritage,
Jerusalem, 1982, pp. 213f.