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known Aramaic version o f the Torah. He also wrote about Jewish
life in the Middle Ages. For a number o f years he edited a scholarly
Jewish journal and also wrote in defense o f traditional Judaism.
im o n
e r n f e l d
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Stanislav, Galicia,
in 1860, died in Berlin, Germany, February 3, 1940. After studies
in Germany he served for several years as chief rabbi o f the Se-
phardi community in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He settled in Berlin
as a private scholar and published a variety o f monographs on
Jewish religion and history in Hebrew, mainly intended to acquaint
East European Jews with the modern studies in that field. Thus
he wrote one o f the first books on modern Biblical criticism in
Hebrew. He also wrote a number o f studies in German. A multi­
volume work on the
Teachings ofJudaism: The Foundations ofJewish
appeared in part in English in 1929 and 1968.
er e z
e r n s t e i n
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Meiningen, Ger­
many, June 12, 1890, died in Israel in 1971. As a young man
he settled in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and went into business. At
the same time he participated in the Zionist movement there, for
some years as president o f the Dutch Zionist Federation and editor
o f its periodical. He wrote a book on anti-Semitism, which ap­
peared in English translation under the title,
Jew-Hate as a Soci­
ological Problem
(1951). In 1936 he moved to Palestine and became
a leader o f the General Zionists. After the establishment o f Israel,
he served for a number o f years as minister o f commerce and
o s h u a
l o c h
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Dorbian, Lithuania,
December 10, 1890, died in New York in 1957. In this country
since 1907, he eventually became chief o f the Jewish Division o f
the New York Public Library. He helped make this one o f the
major collections o f Judaica in this country. He published several
studies on early Jewish printing, edited the
Journal of Jewish Bib­
and prepared a catalogue o f the books published by the
Jewish Publication Society o f America
(On Making Many Books,
1953). He likewise wrote
The People of the Book
(1954), a bibliog­
raphy o f American Jewry on the occasion o f its tercentenary. A
theological work,
On the Apocalyptic in Judaism
(1952) rounded out
his literary activity.
a r t in
u b e r
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Vienna, Austria,
in 1878, died in Jerusalem, June 13, 1965. A grandson o f Solomon
Buber, the Midrash scholar, he had both a traditional and modern
academic education, studying philosophy at various German uni­
versities. An early Zionist, he always maintained that Jews should
endeavor to live in harmony with the Arabs
(A Land and Two Peo­
1983). His principal contribution to modern Jewish life is seen