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in popularizing Hasidism for westernized Jewry. Such works as
Jewish Mysticism, and the Legends of Baalshem
Tales o f the
The Tales o f Rabbi Nachman
(1956, 1988), and
Hasidism and Modern Man
(1958) helped infuse modern Judaism
with a new spirit and purpose. In Germany between the wars he
taught at the University o f Frankfurt am Main. He prepared a
new translation o f the Bible into German with Franz Rosenzweig,
and after the latter’s death carried on the work to completion
in 1961. He is also considered an important existentialist philos­
opher (/
and Thou,
1958, 1970, 1986).
a h m a n
a t h a n
o r o n e l
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Am­
sterdam, Netherlands, in 1810, died in Jerusalem, August 13,
1890. After a traditional Jewish education at the yeshivah in his
native city he settled in Palestine, Finally in Jerusalem, where he
was active in the Jewish community, supporting modern institu­
tions, such as the Lemel School. He edited traditional texts, such
as the prayerbook o f Rav Amram, critical textual notes on the
tractate Berakhot and special editions o f medieval Hebrew talmud­
ic commentaries. He also acquired rare Hebrew manuscripts,
which he sold to European libraries. In connection with this activity
he received a medal from the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.
He also wrote a book about religious laws for travelers.
e b o r a h
a y a n
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in the Ukraine Sep­
tember 23, 1890, died in Nahalal, Israel, in 1956. In Palestine
since 1912, she married Samuel Dayan, a prominent halutz and
went with him to found the settlement Nahalal. She was active
in the women’s workers movement and wrote for various Israeli
publications. Her autobiography in English translation,
was published in 1968. She was the mother o f Moshe Dayan.
ev i
i e s e n d r u c k
100th anniversary o f birth and 50th anniversary
o f death. Born in Stryj, Galicia, November 10, 1890, died in Cin­
cinnati, Ohio, June 4, 1940. A Hebrew writer and philosopher
who studied at the University o f Vienna, he taught at the Hebrew
teachers institute in Vienna, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
and for the last ten years o f his life at the Hebrew Union College
in Cincinnati. In addition to essays in philosophy, he translated
Phaedrus, Gorgias,
into Hebrew. His particular
interest was devoted to Moses Maimonides’s
Guide to the Perplexed.
. 75th birthday. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, February
17, 1915. Raised in England, he served as a British army officer
in Palestine during World War II, then joined the staff o f the
Jewish Agency and was involved in the negotiations that led even­
tually to Israel’s independence. He represented the Agency and
later Israel at the United Nations. He has served as Israel’s am­